CyberConnect2's next project confirmed, first details and scans

CyberConnect2's next project has been confirmed in the latest Famitsu. Check out the first promising details and scans about the spiritual successor to Tail Concerto.

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Valay3142d ago

Wow. Never played Tail Concerto, but this sounds incredibly promising.

slyrunner3142d ago

Im sorry guys, but i want my .//hack back, the best games ive played from a anime series, i wish they would continue

Baka-akaB3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

well if it sold way better it would have kept going on , and at least it finish on a good enough note .

I blame the animated series personally .
They werent any good , saves the music .
A load of bs mixed with self guilt , self pity , and a thin paper actual plot , without noticable action .

Imo the multimedia angles (anime/music/games/manga) was a weight that sunk the games .

Hack sign barely ties to the epic first game's story , and instead focus on some wimpering buggy mage , and people actually trying to help him , while he simply flees .

The second anime serie was better , at least had ties to the games , even the same hero ... sadly it wasnt really well directed , and pales compared to the epic GU games .

Anyway back to topic , i'm thrilled . tail concerto was quite awesome but massively overlooked .
Just like Klonoa back then .

I'm happy to see a spritual sequel , even if i'd prefer it on home consoles .

2FootYard3142d ago

Few times I've been around that track so its not just gonna happen like that. I ain't no hollaback girl.