Metro 2033: PC vs. Xbox 360 - Graphic comparison shows major differences

Metro 2033 is out for PC and Xbox 360. But which plattform offers the beste graphics? It's the PC. The comparison shows major differences between both plattforms. The Lighting on the PC for example is much better than on Xbox 360. Get all the details through the links.

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toaster3228d ago

"PC vs. Xbox 360 - Graphic comparison shows major differences"

AliTheBrit193228d ago

Lol yeah, I'm a console gamer so I'll be getting it on Xbox 360

But even I know the PC version rapes the cosnole version, come on people, its DirectX 11!

StanLee3228d ago

Stupid comparison. Comparison is stupid.

captain-obvious3228d ago

"Metro 2033 looks like sh1t on the 360
i got it, i played it
it looks like you guys got it mixed up with PC DX11 screen shots"

thank you very much

Raf1k13228d ago

And some people thought the 360 version would be better than K2. Still, it seems like a game worth playing. I like the idea of having to be careful to conserve ammunition. Not many games give you limited ammo anymore.

shadow27973228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

To be honest, I'm less impressed with the PC version than I thought I'd be, and more impressed with the X360 version than I thought I'd be.

The difference really isn't that massive. At least not as massive as I expected.


The game looks great...period! Probably the best textures on the 360...until Alan Wake comes.

beans3228d ago

PC version FTW of course but the 360 version looks better than KZ2. We need some Metro360 versus KZ2 shots posted soon.

Bigpappy3228d ago

The 360 shots are more colorful and have better lighting. What are the specs for the PC they are using?

BattleAxe3228d ago

@ Beans

Lets get those KZ2 comparisons up quick. But we gotta make sure that the KZ2 screens are shown in 720p and the Metro shots are shown in 1080p. Don't forget to put a little bit of screen bluring into the KZ2 screens. Once this has been done, Metro 2033 screens will be way way better than KZ2.


I don't trust pics on the internet of KZ2. Bullshots, comes to mind...

the bastards3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

the xbox 360 version pretty much has everything better. having better lighting and highlights is a major plus.

ProjectVulcan3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I have just seen some shots of DX9 MINIMUM Pc versus DX11 MAXIMUM Pc. Its astounding how little difference there appears to be between the settings! Honestly gobsmacking. Its like Dirt 2 in that respect.

I think it illustrates that despite the developer touting the engine well exploiting modern Pc hardware- they just havent.

The game also unfortunately appears to run like a bag of crap:

Yes: 1280 x 1024 maximum settings No AA you will see a 24 frame minimum on a GTX260 or a 4870- paired with a 4ghz(!)core i7. Wow. That is as slow as Crysis. Probably a tad slower. Shame it doesnt look remotely as good.

Greywulf3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

As usual.... nothing to write home about.. guess its back to waiting for Alan Wake, since nothing else fits the bill.

Im just shocked you fall for it every single time.

vilanova3228d ago

not missing light on the speaker's version of the Xbox 360, what's wrong with this picture, can look on youtube, has the same light, in fact most of these photos is very strange

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bobrea3228d ago

A PC game looking better than it's console counter-part?! NO WAY! Totally front page news, good job n4g.

GunPants3228d ago

This will be my first full game I get for my new home built gaming pc. Should be able to neari ly max it out. Not sure cuz of their vag specs they released.

nilamo3228d ago

The pc version with MAX details vs the xbox 360 version??? Wow that's a fair comparison, have you even seen the specs that are required to run the pc version at very high?

tdrules3228d ago

that's like saying I can't afford a HDTV therefore we should compare games at SD.

champ213228d ago

need a dx11gpu which costs 150usd to max it out.

and if you dont have that a 8800gtx from 3yrs will still run it maxed out in dx10.

either way dx 10 or dx11 both version will rape the 360version.

GiantEnemyCrab3228d ago

Not sure if you maybe got hit in the head or something and aren't %100 but I think even an idiot can see the disadvantages with comparing a console that is static in it's hardware to a PC that even if you quote specs 3 years old is still newer than the 360.

Wow, high fives! What an accomplishment Way to bring a gun to a knife fight.

gillri3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

lol a high-end PC game looks better than a 5 year old tech version?

no way!!

how much did the PC gamers pay for the spec to run it at full settings? my xbox 360 cost me $150

now compare a Metro 2033 on full settings against Halo Reach, that would be alot closer

tdrules3228d ago

I paid around (does currency coverter for you) about 800 dollars to run it at 1080p v.high, that included the monitor.
now unless your TV you play on is 1080p and less than $650 your argument is invalid.
oh and your 360 does 1% of what my PC can do...

Spiderman3228d ago

My pc can run this and any current game at MAX.

It was £500.

How much was a launch 360 or PS3 ??? About the same.

People need to get that myth out of their head that people have to pay thousands for a gaming pc and then you need to upgrade it every year.

cheese3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )


What are your specs? I'm having serious trouble at high settings with a HD 4890 and an intel i5. Doesn't make sense to me because I've had accounts from nvidia users with lesser cards saying that they can max the game out without a hitch.

gillri3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

lol when I can just buy a VGA convertor for a PC monitor? you fail when
a montior can be brought for what about $180, so thats 350$ including the VGA adapter, still under half the cost,

in fact when was the last PC AAA exclusive? (over 90 on metacritic) Crysis was it?

and whats buyin it at launch price got to do with anything?

at launch it would be $300 for the core or $400 for the premium, which at time with Gears of War and GRAW looked beter than anything on my PC could produce which cost me 2000$!
and I have to have a high-end at all times PC for my 3D work

so again you both fail

champ213228d ago


4890 is a very good gpu and should run all of todays games maxed out.

what is the rest of your systems spec?

champ213228d ago


every multiplat out there runs better on pc.. whats your point. and you save money on every game bought, which becomes alot by the end of the year.

i saved about 1200usd alone in the last 2 years buying games on pc vs console. thats a huge saving imo. not to mention the charges to go online which adds up or the super expensive accessories on the 360. giving an initial 300usd price tag is just fooling the console user the real milking starts later on.

tdrules3228d ago

Sorry to hear you're having problems, I have a Q6600 heavily overclocked to 3.6GHZ and an overclocked GTX 260 OC.
If I'm honest I max it with only 2xAA but I'm still hitting 30fps.
wouldn'y worry too much, if this games gets half the modding attention that STALKER did, it'll be optimised very quickly.

cheese3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

XFX Radeon 4890, slightly OC
4 GB DDR3 RAM OC @ 1666 mhz
intel i5 750 @ 2.7 Ghz

I can't even give an average fps because with AA off, DX10, 1920x1080, and high settings it fluctuates between 20 frames all the way up to 80 at times. It's completely erratic.

Nvidia users seem to be fine. It's likely an ATI issue - or 4A Games not optimising for ATI.

champ213228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

do you have fps issues with all your games with the 4890?

also what version of windows are u using? is it 32bit or 64bit?

if you are running on a 32bit version if windows, then you might need a windows upgrade. since 32bit only sees 4gb in total. Hence that creates a problem when someone has 4gb system ram and 1gb gpu ram.

pm me ill see if i can help out.


if other games are running fine then wait for ati driver update, it should run fine. 4890 should be fine until the end of this console gen.

cheese3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Win 7 64 bit. I've never really had fluctuations like this besides games like Cryostasis and Stalker Call of Pripyat - to be expected. Far Cry 2 runs at a solid 60, Crysis is consistent at 40.

edit: Indeed, it shouldn't be this taxing. Normal settings actually looks alright so I'll just have to stick with that for a bit.

GunPants3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I've got a i5 750/ 4gb ddr3 /Win 7 64 bit. but I've got the newer 5770 and a lower res monitor. I will get the game soon and try out the max. 5770 are under $200 now so I might try crossfire one day.

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