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TSA Writes:

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in many ways very similar; however there are also quite a few differences which set them apart from each other. In this series we are going to be looking at these differences, comparing the console's features and showing how they can actually learn from each other.

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dkgshiz3190d ago

Its a lot better then these services.

Basil-Rathboner3190d ago

"In terms of movie services both consoles are pretty even."

NO they bloody well are NOT.

Time and time again these comparisons FAIL to mention that the PS3 has a FREE WEB BROWSER.

On my PS3 hard-drive. ALL FOR FREE.

Avatar (DVD)
Avatar 3d version (DVD)
Zombieland (DVD)
Sherlock Holmes (Blu ray)
2012 (Blu ray)
Edge of darkness (DVD)
Ninja assassin (DVD)
Green Zone (R5)

Thats to name but a few. I won't mention where i get them for legal reasons.
Hoewever anyone with a broadband enabled PS3 and a bit of searching will find these sites off the web.

This alone obliterates the xbox 360 movie capabilities.

Biggest3190d ago

I don't really agree with the conclusion. I know the writer states that he doesn't want to use the article to start a "war". But that is what an article like that is for. Going by the points he listed, how is the conclusion "In terms of movie services, then, both consoles are pretty even, but we’d be tempted to give the edge to the PS3"? The PS3, according to this guy, has a better marketplace. It has better TV options. And it has high definition disks. I guess he figured out the trick. You can talk down about a console all you want. Just give them a "You're sooooo close, buddy" talk at the end and all is well.

Basil-Rathboner3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Give this one a try.** ---- the first word 4 letters long is the word for a male deer. Another is divxcrawler.

Frustratingly the first site i mention (Best one for PS3) has had server problems this very week. Its the first time i have ever encountered a problem -- ive used it for over 2 years now. Seems like the admins are working to get the site uploading fresh content. All content that is on there works fine though for ps3. For example i downloaded the UK prison film Bronson (2009) about an hour ago and its already on my hard-drive in perfect quality.

When using a wired connection i can download a film to PS3 in about average 45mins ---- Fastest 15mins -- Longest 3 hours.

Tips --- Im from UK and the fastest time to download is between 6 to 10 am in the morning.
Tony as i see you are from USA i guess you would go for a similar time equivalent to your timezone etc as its quieter and much much faster.

Tips ---- Always check for the language etc just in case its in say Spanish for example and click date added (top right). This takes you to the newer and thereby in most cases better quality dvd versions.

Tips --- Check viewers comments. They might say audio out of sync or crap copy etc. So go for the best you can get.
Below are some movie selections i enjoyed recently. You may have seen them all or they may not be your cup of tea but good luck my friend and happy ps3 movie watching.

Epic martial arts ---- Ong bak 2. (make sure its the one with english subtitles etc)
Comedy ---- The Hangover, Zombieland.
Horror --- Rec 2 ( Spanish film with English subtitles) Orphan, Eden Lake.
District 9 --- Sci - Fi Star trek.
Adventure --- Sherlock Holmes
Action thriller -- Taken (Liam Neeson)
Action drama -- Law abiding citizen.
Drama -- The informant.

The reason i have omitted Avatar is because the admins have just in the last days removed both versions.
But i dare say once the site is running at full speed again it will be back on there in no time.

talltony3190d ago

Thanks buddy I'll check that out, I have been trying to find a good free movie website for a while now.