VE3D: Triplewire Talks Red Orchestra 2 @ GDC 2010

During GDC 2010 developers from Tripwire Interactive revealed a lot of new information about upcoming Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to Voodoo Extreme.

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Letros3141d ago

"Each box represented a different map in the game, and he explained that this Multiplayer Campaign would act like a metagame of Risk. When players enter into the campaign, it's a giant power struggle. As a team wins a map, it's marked on that large map and the battle progresses into a new area. As teams win they gain Combat Strength, which directly ties to reinforcements and allows them to fight further against the losers. Thus, as one team captures more areas, they both grow stronger but use more strength, leaving them more vulnerable as they approach complete domination. This creates an epic tug-of-war in which those original fifteen minute white-knuckle rumbles turn into a two to three hour war. This brings a new level of immersion to the experience and sounds like it will allow players to truly get lost in battle."

Holy crap that sounds awesome, Tripwire is 100% win, amazing Indie devs.