Final Fantasy XIII Sells 1.2 Million Units in Week One

Brett Walton - "The first week of western launch for Final Fantasy XIII saw over 1.2 million units sold through - 61% of which were on PS3"

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Michael Myers3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

intresting thought japan has 2 million already, but good nonetheless 61% is good :)

wait.........:(you'd be.... insane to dissagree

bmw693139d ago

Yes this isn't including Japan sales obviously...

Shadow Flare3139d ago

39% have been duped into buying the grimey SD crap version. I feel sorry for those people.

*minute silence*

Pennywise3139d ago

So from the numbers we know - WORLDWIDE SALES SO FAR:

PS3 - 2,732,000
360 - 468,000

Hellsvacancy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

And i wonder how many of those 468,000 will/hav traded there copy in

Dragun6193139d ago

Hopefully these sales will finally convince Yoichi Wada to support the PS3 rather than avoid it in his western market strategy in which so far SE has released maybe like 10 games on Xbox360 while FFXIII is the second SE game on PS3 and hell it sold way better than any game SE has released on the Xbox360. Just what are you doing SE?

Syronicus3139d ago

It is extremely addictive. I didn't think I was going to like it after the first couple hours but after 13 hours, I cannot put it down. Great game and having the PS3 version makes sense since I have all three consoles and will buy the best version of any game on the platform it serves best. In this case, the PS3 version is the best looking and comes on one disc so it makes sense to buy the PS3 version. Anybody that did not had better only have a 360 or a slight case of brain damage.

Cold 20003139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

And good performance for the 360 version. I was expecting a bigger gap.

USA + EU = 730 600 on PS3
469 400 on 360.
Thats some serious numbers right there on the 360. The console where supposedly people only buy shooters.

Damn, I think SE is never going exclusive again. Well, at least not in the West.

And once again I'm glad to see that the FF13 hate campaign didnt stop it from being a blockbuster.

Christopher3139d ago

1. These numbers only include the last week of sales worldwide and not initial sales in Japan.

2. As I said before, people will be surprised how well the 360 does with this game. They won't lead, but there's no denying that the 360 has done a great job at taking a big piece of the pie for their own. For every person that buys a 360 version of the game, that's one less opportunity for Sony to sell a PS3. Very well played Microsoft, very well played.

commodore643139d ago

absolutely right, cgoodno.

While no person in their right mind was expecting the 360 version to come anywhere near outselling the ps3 version worldwide, we must acknowledge that 39% of sales in western regions is 39% of sales which 'would have' gone to Sony, had it not been for the fact it was multiplat.

Well played indeed, MS!

Montrealien3139d ago

Hey shadowflare, I got it on the PS3, and it`s a great game. But to feel sorry for people playing the same game on another console it just a little, oh I don`t know, immature?

Cold 20003139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

When I see almost 500 000 copies on the 360 I tell myself Sony should have kept FF13 exclusive.

It would have given them a major boost in the US, where they need it most and strengthen their position in EU.

MS played this one right.

I got the PS3 version by the way :)

@below: I'm not ignoring Japan. This thread is about USA and EU sells. Moreover its exclusive in Japan. I'm talking about the areas where its multiplat and that actually concern us.

But I know very well you fully understood that.

@syronicus below: 500 000 in one small week for a jrpg and you're pretending thats nothing ?? LOL.

bjornbear3139d ago

since this is usually the other way around, i'll give you a taste:

HAH take what? a little over half the sales NOT INCLUDING JAPAN? HAHAH

yeah sure =) REAL NUMBERS mr.frost, REAL NUMBERS:

PS3 - 2,732,000
360 - 468,000

= 5:1 (rough guess)

you damn people always exclude that part of the world that's deemed inconvenient to your joyful mood

Pennywise3139d ago

Even if FF was not exclusive in Japan, do you really think the 360 version would of broke more than 150k??

I love how everyone is praising the 360 for "great" surprising sales...

3mil vs .5mil is not impressive for one of the strongest title names in gaming. Sorry.

Tricksy3139d ago

there are so many quality PS3 games,
the system install base is younger and can't go out and buy every hit,
there are new exclusive games coming out like every month,
FF13 in the stores I went to looking at prices were near sold out,compared to the x360 game which was stuffed in the crack between the game and its neighbour.

I still have not bought my PS3 version of the game. I intend to, of course, at a later date. There is reason to believ that in future sales the PS3 fanbase will purchase the game in greater quantities then the x357 fanbase and the gap with widen even more in the Americas and in europe. I don't doubt that most of those who have x357's and wanted FF13 bought it or burnt it, whereas I know people holding off on the purchase due to GOW.

Syronicus3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Really? 500,000 copies is a huge dent in PS3 sales? You think that the .5 mil would have boosted sales of the PS3 in North America? Have you seen the Chupacabra too?

And to the user above me, it is a fact that people are holding out on FFXIII for the PS3 due to GOWIII. I have many friends on my list doing just that. Good call. Have a bubble.

Montrealien3139d ago

Well Pennywise, considering Blue Dragon sold 200k units with just barely 1 million 360 in the Japanes market at the time, I would have to say that it would be a safe bet to think it would sell over 150k but still nothing compared to the PS3 numbers that`s for sure. It`s simple math really.

Megaton3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Why do you think Microsoft frequently buys exclusive ad rights? It works well for them. American consumers are zombies, buying what their TV tells them to buy.

I had to have seen 30 FFXIII commercials last night while channel surfing, all of them only had the 360 logo at the end.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3139d ago

39% of Final Fantasy fans that wont be buying a PS3 to play this game:)

Pennywise3139d ago

Why am I getting so many disagrees for my first quote with the numbers?

I took 1.2 mil, gave each side its stated percent and added Japans 2mil to the PS3 version.

Montrealien3139d ago

hey Xiphos, most consumers are zombies there is no need for some stupid anti american comment. I know I know, it`s what the cools kids do, but its an ingorant comment nontheless.

Cold 20003139d ago

How on planet Earth did Sony let this one slip away...

Christopher3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Be careful with throwing around a figure like 39% as an entirety.

These numbers do not include the initial sales in Japan, which is 100% PS3 and currently is greater than the total sales outside of Japan as a whole. Taking everything into consideration, that 39% gets cut more than in half down to 17% when you try to make it a number encompassing all FF fans.

You should really say 39% of FF fans outside of Japan didn't need to buy a PS3 to enjoy this game.

I think your statement would have just as much weight but would remove much of the 'fanboyish-ness' from it if you tried to phrase it more accurately and without the intent of inciting anger in those who hug their PS3 at night when they sleep.

Megaton3139d ago

Us cool kids recognize that American consumerism is in a league of its own. No one consumes like we do.

Army_of_Darkness3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

for someone who supposingly bought the PS3 version of this game, your quite defensive towards the 360 sales?! hmmp... how strange...
btw, Sony let it slip cause they don't pay for 3rd party exclusives.. although, I don't know about now...

anyhow, I'm probably like a few other PS3 owners who have yet to get this game due to being a broke a$$ and picking up GOW3 instead....
Soon my final fantasy... soon...

CimmerianDrake3139d ago

You guys understand that Sony owns about 9% of SE and make a profit off of every version of FFXIII sold right? Sony doesn't care that FFXIII is multiplat because Microsoft is making THEM money. Microsoft ends up paying SE for the multiplat, and Sony gets that money. Sony wins either way. So how exactly did Sony let anything slip away if they are making profits from that 500K amount of units sold on the 360?

Danny Dan3139d ago

FF12 sold 994k on its first week between the US and the PAL territories.

In its first week, between the US and PAL regions it only sold 730k? That's a big chunk missing from the previous FF installation. I believe it had a lot to do with the exclusivity deal; peoples interest just went down. The counter argument will be, they lost about 260k people but made up almost 500k with going to 360. The counter argument to THAT statement would be, PS3 games usually have longer legs selling more in a longer span, and I'm sure even though FF13 is not exclusive, it'll have that effect on the console.

At the end of the day, 360 only owners got a huge benefit and many are enjoying it. For only PS3 owners also got FF13 Versus to be looking forward for.

working4games3139d ago

I actually don't see anything wrong with saying you feel sorry for someone with the 360 version because it's more sympathy than 360 fanboys give to Sony fanboys when the roles are reversed with ports. Good for 360 players for being able to play it though, despite the graphical differences. Beggers can't be choosers, I suppose.

Saigon3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

SE plan failed...


The reported territories were UK and US not EU and US...

nycredude3139d ago

I just wish it was a better game. I bought Yakuza 3 and FF13 the same day and so far me and many of my friends are enjoying Yakuza 3 way more. I hope it sells well enough fo rus to get Yakuza 4, but i know it's wishful thinking.

AAACE53139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

WOW... you guys are seriously defensive for no reason!

As soon as you hear that the sales in the west aren't dominating for the Ps3 version, you start throwing in the japanese version to make it look better.

FFXIII will sell most on the Ps3 anyway so why are you so nervous? It wasn't even released for the 360 in japan, so technically you can't compare... but I know you will continue to do so.

Just be happy that the game is selling well.

EDIT: Oops, I just read a few more comments and realized I don't belong here! This post is for people who want to express their anger for whatever reason over FFXIII.

I didn't mean to offend anyone... Carry on... i'll back out slowly and take my leave!

Pennywise3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Japan sales NEVER HAPPENED. This game is exclusive to NA/PAL regions. Any mention of Japan will cause mass hysterical finger pointing about people being bias.

So to counter that, Square-Enix has nullified all Japan sales for FFXIII.

Now, PS3 is still leading in sales, but 360 fans can sleep better tonight knowing they have to worry a little less about pushing a disagree button for anyone who mentions the country that used be be known as Japan.

ps... Sony owns part of SE. Keep giving your money to Sony 360 guys.

harrisk9543139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

1. GOW3 came out a week after FFXIII, and
2. PS3s are in EXTREMELY short supply which probably helped the 360 sales numbers.

EDIT: I, for one, didn't buy FFXIII yet, even though I want it, because I wanted to get through GOW3 first before I settle into a 60 hour+ jrpg. I'm sure that there are others that did the same.

XxZxX3139d ago

we all know xbox 360 gamers will buy it day one then that's about it. Expect a sharp drop from week 2+. PS3 will still gonna remain there for quite sometime.

97gsx3139d ago

When do we find out the accurate numbers?

ZombieAutopsy3139d ago

You do know Sony owns stock in SE so every 360 copy that sells they benefit from it. Besides you know MS prolly gave SE a good chunk of change to get it on their platform...just saying.

lelo2play3139d ago

VGChartz... hummm... does anybody take this site seriously?

vhero3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

wait it sold more for PS3 in America?? But MS has double the install base how is that possible??? Greenburg!!! Answer me!!! *head explodes* @above all 360 fanboys did until they stopped bumping up 360 numbers..

DaTruth3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Suddenly, 468,000 in a week is good. If this were a PS3 exclusive and didn't sell this many day one, 360 fanboys would be calling it a flop.

In combined WW week one sales(including Japan), PS3 version sold around 2 million.

Wait, this is VGChartz??? Please forget my post, it is moot now!

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Braineater24483139d ago

Im not surprised by the huge sales. I just wonder how many more copies it would've sold if the reviews were a bit better.

bmw693139d ago

Yeah - if the game was getting reviews like Mass Effect 2 it could have done much better

Tricksy3139d ago

will soon start coming into gamestops and other used game stores from dissatisfied fps players and 360 fans will start buying those. the fanbase is not into ff13 and will buy it used more likely then not.

MetalGearBear 3139d ago

im sorry. xbots
FF13 PS3>360.

nuff said.

Ryuha1234h3139d ago

I remember Microsoft saying that the 360 version was gonna sell more.
What now Microsoft?

BeaArthur3139d ago

Of course they are going to say that. When have you ever heard either Sony or Microsoft act like they didn't have the best stuff?

The Wood3139d ago

who runs their mouth the most

SuperStrokey11233139d ago


Well thats turn 10 of course lol

Devil MAY KILL3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

"The first week of western launch for Final Fantasy XIII saw over 1.2 million units sold through - 61% of which were on PS3"


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++


plb3139d ago

You act like these are bad numbers for the 360. I'd say they are fairly good imo considering most people on 360 play FPS and more western RPG's e.g. mass effect 2. For a JRPG this sold quite well. Everyone already knew it was going to do well on PS3.