StarCraft 2 Unit Video Guide #1 - Protoss

Mapmaking and modding clan TDG's Zwan has painstakenly made 30 second introduction videos for every single StarCraft 2 unit, and is launching the Protoss ones units.

Don't worry, they are easy to navigate, either with a scroll or a click.

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Leord3138d ago

The Colossus is SO cool! :)

King Klear3138d ago

Haha, Mothership is so pointless :)

player_729853138d ago

I like the idea of this, it's pretty cool and a great way to help out new people get to know the new units.

Leord3138d ago

Apparently, the author got a little flak from not having ALL the stats there :P

The next setup of videos will have much more "spoddy" info :)

Recka3138d ago

@Leord, I can't really see why he would, new players aren't gonna know them inside and out, back to front, people need to stop complaining imo :P

Leord3138d ago

Yeah, god DAMN that was buggy for a while :P

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