EA: No Stats Reset For 360 Bad Company 2 Players

EA has assured Xbox 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Users that their stats will not be reset this weekend.

In a Q&A about the recent server issues on the official site, EA stressed that reports of a stats reset for 360 users this weekend are nothing more than rumours.

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thetamer3190d ago

That's really good news. I'm just worried about logging on and finding out my stats have actually all gone. I wonder if this would have been the same if I'd just played it on the PC.

AndyA3190d ago

I'm gonna be all kinds of pissed off if I lose my M416 with Acog scope. It's my baby.

Fyzzu3190d ago

Yeah, seriously. The game only begins when you get scopes.

Fishy Fingers3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

M60, red dot sight, everything a growing boy needs.

On topic: Great news, I know some care about stats, as long as my rank/unlocks were safe I wouldn't mind either way. Speaking of ranks, anyone nearing 50 yet, I'm 33 and the gaps inbetween are huge!

Fanb0y3190d ago


It's true! Actually, I'd go as far as to say the actual game doesn't start until after you've unlocked everything. Then you don't feel obligated to keep playing with a class to unlock the next gun and play the game for the game.

joydestroy3190d ago

actually, i prefer no scope on my XM8 Prototype. i'm deadly with that weapon, esp on the Isla Inocentes map which is my fav ;)

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Fyzzu3190d ago

Thank God for that. That would've been a bit of a pain ;/

Leord3190d ago

Wow, yeah, that would have been horrible!

Dorjan3190d ago

how does all these rumours start anyway?

thetamer3190d ago

They're not rumours, but EA messing everything up!

Fyzzu3190d ago

Think a few people *did* suffer stat loss, which is why there's a contact point for that. Either way, I'm glad it seems like BFBC2 is finally back on track.

AndyA3190d ago

Yup, know of a couple of people who have been reset but thankfully it's not everyone.

rexus123453190d ago

EA stated in one of their tweeter comment they are going to "RESTART" the server, some idiot saw this then posted an article with the word "RESET" in the title.

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Leord3190d ago

@ Fyzzu:

While not completely related, it kind of shows that you can't trust even big company servers 100%.

Also: DRM sucks. Just thought I'd put that in there :)

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