InXile Studio Head Sings Bethesda Praises

Former Interplay president and current InXile Studio chief, Brian Fargo, has said he's "very pleased with Bethesda" as the publisher for the studio's latest title having considered other publishers.

"We talked to a lot of different publishers, and one of the things I liked about Bethesda the most was that they got it right away," he told IncGamers in an interview.

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thetamer3137d ago

I'm not sure Bethesda are as great as they used to be. SOme of their recent titles are really quite poor...

Leord3137d ago

Quality tend to vary :)

Fyzzu3137d ago

I think Bethesda's going to do really well out of being a publisher. Despite crap like Rogue Warrior, I do get the feeling that they're going to bring out some great stuff.

AndyA3137d ago

What? Rogue Warrior was amazing. Well, OK, the voice acting was.

Leord3137d ago

Isn't a "publisher"s main goal to just bring money in, and get money out?

Hardly developing, I mean :)

Dorjan3137d ago

We'll see where they end up though, i've not been impressed thus far!