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There's no doubt that Metro 2033 will attract a strong following among those who take the time to explore its nuances, but it's a game that never quite lives up to its obvious potential. Despite delivering malevolent intensity in spades, its eccentric blend of stealth, survival horror and flawed gunplay is simply lacking the all-important polish required to challenge the genre's A-list.

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callahan093163d ago

Seems low. I haven't had the pleasure of playing it yet, but most other reviews seem to think more highly of it. Is IGN in general just trying to be more harsh ever since they gave Mass Effect 2 a 9.6? It seems like maybe that's the case. They've been giving out tons and tons of very low scores lately, and even giving lower-than-the-average scores to the games that they like.

FangBlade3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I expected it to score 6.5 but I guess IGN knows better.
But why is this game getting slaughtered? I'm half way through and its pretty nice.

edit: 7.5 for graphics? I thought the new 4A engine was supposed to look good.

too bad.

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Venatus-Deus3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I don’t know… Are you in crying, whining, cursing and throwing a tantrum?


silvacrest3163d ago

when there's justification i dont see why that's a problem
what are we supposed to do? just take it with a smile? and dont get it twisted, if halo reach got a mediocre score while most were near perfect you and your fellow fanboys would do the same

ELite_Ghost3163d ago

"I haven't had the pleasure of playing it yet"

what pleasure didn't u read the review?

Perjoss3163d ago

@ Cold 2000

you're supposed to make those kinds of comments in the open zone, congrats for trying to turn this news article into flame rubbish.

PopEmUp3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

because his belove game had turned out to be a turd :P

Danteh3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

lmao I was trying to tell the 360 fans that this game was mediocre (look at my comments :P) and they just insulted me heheh. Well here you have it

Oh and if Bungie is still around here (?), so much for "Metro 2033 graphics are MILES better than GOWIII"... yeah a 7,5!


Hoggy19833163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Its all a big conspiracy against the Xbox 360!!! Sony has blatantly paid off IGN to give a bad review. 7.5 for graphics?? I mean come on! This game is a 10 and I will accept nothing less than that!! I mean, I know I haven't played the game or anything but its a well known fact that the gaming media is biased towards Sony and they were afraid Metro would be better than Killzone 2. I demand justice!!!!!!!

Annoying when fanboys make up nonsense like that isnt it?

Hoggy19833163d ago

Was never going to be a flagship title for the 360. I think alot of people werent even aware of it until this year.

The people trying to poke fun need to remember that.

Alan Wake and Splinter Cell are games that need to deliver 9+ scores in order to meet expectations, not this one.

soxfan20053163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

It is prety funny how the PS3 trolls believe EVERYTHING IGN says 100% in this review, yet they dispute nearly everything IGN says when it comes to the PS3.

Where are all of the "You can't spell ignorant without IGN" comments now?

insomnium3163d ago

Well sure since IGN prefers x360.

Hoggy19833163d ago

Its isnt just Edge that is accused of bias, its IGN, Gamespot etc. The list goes on...

In saying that the article you've linked still isn't proof of anything. From the graphs you can see plenty of 360 games rated lower than metacritic and some (not many) PS3 games rated higher. Its nothing concrete and what no one has been able to state is why?

Why would Edge etc want to be biased? Is there a financial/corporate link from these publishing houses back to MS? Does MS give preferential treatment to magazines (early previews/exclusives/hospitalit y) who give preferential treatment to their scores? It's all conjecture and, in my opinion, unlikely in the main.

sparta763163d ago

First I want to say that I never commented
on any low reviews for any PS3 games. Reviews are just
opinions. But I do think some of these reviewers are bias.
Why? I don't know. Maybe there fanboys of one console.,
maybe they don't like Sony as a company!
But it does make u think when a muti- platfrom
game come out and they go out the way to tell the
readers that so and so game looks better on this console (xbox)
and lower the score for this console( PS3). BUT when a game
like ff comes out and they give out the same score, it dies make
me wonder! And yes I know fanboys here get angry at any little thing. But
it does make me wonder why!!?
Look at halo odst! Why did it get so many high scores??
Why did it get high score in the graphics?!
It didn't improve from halo 3! It's a 4-5 hour game with a few new maps! But they
gave it high scores. If that was Sony charging $60 for a game like scores
would of been lower..,
I'm not saying halo odst is a bad game I enjoyed the single player
better then halo 3. Just giving out examples...

Sorry for any mispelling I'm on my cell

Hoggy19833163d ago

To be honest bud, there may even be some truth in these bias claims. I personally wouldn't completely rule it out. Its probably very likely that 1 reviewer does have a vested interest in promoting 360/demoting PS3. I just find it tiring when its a repeated accusation across multiple sites.

DatNJDom813163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Oh my...... Wasnt this game supposed to look and be better than GOW3, Heavy Rain, and every other PS3 exclusive? Hmmmmm...... No there must be something wrong with this score...... Let me double check....... yep, 7.5......... well..... look on the bright side, its rated up there with the Force Unleashed, and regardless of the score it received, I really liked that game. Too bad it didn't live up to the hype that the x defense force said it would. I still might give it a go...... *holds in laughter*

sparta763163d ago

That's what I'm saying is not just ONE site. It's a couple of sites.

adalwolfe3163d ago

all review sites have higher ratings for 360 exclusives, this is because 360 has better exclusives. no bias there.. its the truth. If only the darn thing didn't red ring..

insomnium3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

We see the double standards almost every day. X360 and it's games get a free pass on so many occasions it just baffels me. There is NO WAY for people to stand up to double standards without money being involved somehow. The link doesn't prove anything? Really? You read it and stand there and tell me this? GTFO!

HolyOrangeCows3163d ago

The most concerning part is that so many sites mention that the gunplay has issues.

thereapersson3163d ago

There's articles complaining about PS3 fanboys, and how they're the worst of the worst, etc. Then FoxGod and Cold2000 come along and completely obliterate any shred of potential authenticity with their nonsense. Way to go, guys!

Hoggy19833163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Yeah I read it. 18 of the 30 360 games were either equal or LOWER than the metacritic. Boo hoo hoo I now hate Edge also.
Why dont you just ignore Edge if you believe so strongly in this conspiracy? Its just one site!

You might get companies paying to have games "viewed favourably". You wont get companies paying to have a game downgraded like everyone whines about.

Want to give me a list of other sites? Im all ears...

cayal3163d ago

They're not bias, but there are inconsistencies.

sikbeta3162d ago

Maybe is a 7.5/10 cuz is a Review made by IGN-UK, they're really harsh compared to IGN-home (:P), just saying...

JsonHenry3162d ago

So I am playing this game (on the PC of course, in all DX11 glory) and the game is a little harder than most I have played recently BUT it is a damn good game. They gave the original STALKER game close to the same scores and look at the cult following that game has. Why? BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!

Screw the reviews, play it for yourself and stop letting others make your choices for you.

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Major_Nelson3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

What a Load of Crap
Floptro 2033

kingdavid3163d ago

Phew must be a relief for you 360 bashers huh?

TheXgamerLive3163d ago

You little girls are really desperate aren't you.

The games great, I'm playing it right now, but it's ok, get the sand out of your vajayjay's and you'll feel better.

maximus19853163d ago

you bought the game so now your in denial. i bought gow 3 and im playing that now hmmm i wonder why you didnt get it? ooohhh wait its only on PS3!!!

snipermk03163d ago

what a tard. You stole the "sand outta your vajayjay" comment right outta my book. Good job at plagiarism d!ckhead.. Just like your parent company Micro$haft..

arsenal553163d ago

If they would have stuck with making this ps3 and pc it would have been good but nooooo.. they had to switch over to flopbox 360 and then dumb the game down 10x to fit that console and get a crappy scrore.. LOL owned

Gue13163d ago

the Xb1tches did the same thing when MAG and WKC came out, Xgamer...

TheXgamerLive3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

look at all the little sony wannbe fan girls who RAN to this post, sad little wannabe's aren't you, sad.

I mean aren't you supposed to be playing clod of war? pathetic girls club always crying always crying. LEAVE!

Oh, don't bring up white knight cronicles lil boy, you know it looks and plays like a ps2 game, so just stfu. lil wannabe's always running here to Xbox postings.

damnightmare3162d ago

Ah hah Ha haha

Look at XGamer everyone, he's getting mad xD

Clod of War? Really? lmao

hermie3162d ago

Hahah I really like that name. Could be a great premise for an indie war game, you play as a complete dunce and your squad mates have to keep saving you from blowing yourself up...

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Michael-Jackson3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Metrflop 203360.

soxfan20053163d ago

IGN - now 100% trustworthy, accurate, & unbiased.

Michael-Jackson3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Damn it's mediocre. I had high hopes for this game, ohh well BFBC2 for me.

PS360_373163d ago

lol you just said what i was thinking


Spiderman3163d ago

Meh, its only £25 on steam, and a 7.5 isnt so bad.

Ill think ill judge for myself, and not base my purchase on 1 review.

PS360_373163d ago

yeah I'm still gonna gamefly it when I'm done with GOW3. It's just not a purchase for me.

TOO PAWNED3163d ago

Flops Flopinho Flopmonster FLOanother360P ,etc

Lol bots were getting boner on this junk. Can't blame them when they have no exclusives.

The Iron Sheik3163d ago

But but but teh graphics are betterz than Killzone!

Michael-Jackson3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

lolz @ bots. 360 owners can enjoy teh compressed soundz.