GameReactor's Petter Hegewall: "I Was Blasted Over My Uncharted 2 Review"

Petter Hegewall:

"Many gamers got real upset with my Uncharted 2 review. I was called an idiot (on local forums) and on an American forum when my review got translated I was called even worse things. The reactions were very strong, despite giving it an 8, which is "great" on our scale. It didn't matter, apparently it was two steps too low."

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callahan093143d ago

What the hell is this? Nobody cares, Pete.

TotalPS3Fanboy3143d ago

more than 33 perfect scores.

Anybody that gives this game an 8 is an idiot. An idiot trying to defend his review is still an idiot.

PimpHandHappy3143d ago

i wont dig around this site 2check other reviews by this guy but anyone that gave this game anything under a 9 shouldn't be reviewing games

djmindz3143d ago

you are lucky to be alive if i see you in the streets i will bust a cap in your ass