Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Thank You – there is a God


"Finally, god has answered my prayers and allowed those who have been harboring this creature to finally unfold its wings and fly free . . .

Welcome to the next chapter in the Deus Ex franchise which is about to drop at the next big E3 between June 14th – 17th 2010 inclusive of the Keynote presentations. Which I might add that OXCGN (self included this year – hoot) will be attending and ideally getting some up-close-n-personal time with the guys at Edios and Square Enix and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The trailer looks nothing short of 'awesome', and shows a great deal of promise and possibilities for the franchise to take a new step in "This-Gen". One that it simply could not make in the previous generation of consoles, no matter what the platform."
Trailer is on OXCGN.

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XboxOZ3603138d ago

Finally some 'real' news on the game, not speculation or rumour. The vid looks brilliant, and if Square and Edios can do their usual best, then the game has some good possibilities.

3138d ago
BadCircuit3138d ago

The trailer looks very good.

gaminoz3138d ago

I want to hear their announcement about Thief 4!!! Still Deus Ex is a franchise that is worth continuing.

Belgavion3138d ago

Would certainly be great if this dropped first quarter of 2011.

XboxOZ3603138d ago

Soon as we have details, we'll certainly be letting ppl know, as it's a game I've been following eagerly for the last several years.

It has changed direction a little from what was initially reported even last year, which wasn't much, but it did look different then, but had the same or similar story-basics to it. The changing face of humanity, which is an extension of the original concept of the franchise.

It certainly will attract some interest, and I did hear something about Thief 4, as I believe it is "still a possibility" if the right "publisher" comes along, so I wouldn't rule it out completely - yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.