Gamesradar: Resonance of Fate review

Resonance of Fate will prove to be the sensible choice. Its clumsily paced cutscenes still manage to flesh out more likeable, funnier characters than Final Fantasy XIII does, even with its Hollywood production values, and there's definitely a whole lot more to keep JRPG old-timers enthralled.

Surrender to Resonance of Fate and it's unlikely you'll wish for all those precious weeks back.

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ClownBelt3191d ago

Woot! Great score.

I'll be picking my copy once I got my Platinum on FF 13.

Pozzle3191d ago

Is it wrong that I'm more excited for this game than I was for FFXIII? *blushes*

Michael-Jackson3191d ago

I'm thinking of picking this up, maybe after Final Fantasy XIII.

kevnb3191d ago

famitsu seemed to like it too, Ill rent then buy if I like it.

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