New White Knight Chronicles 2 details

This week's Famitsu issue revealed some new details in addition to announcing a release time frame for White Knight Chronicles 2 on the Playstation 3.

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WildArmed3139d ago

I just hope they dont do crappy CGI again.
I preferred the in-game cut scenes over the CGI.
SO US will get this when? >.>
Man I cannot wait for this.
WKC is absolutely the best jrpg i've played for awhile. (Ok. Demons Souls being the exception bcoz thats the God of all RPGs)
Hopefully i'll have my ff13 copy soon.. till then gow3!

I'm glad they sped up the action bar.. being a tank w/ full s/s + heavy armor has a heavy delay of 6 seconds. But i still love the game very much..
time go get Guild Rank 11... but first.. to +10 my GR 10 set!

Chris3993139d ago

That was my biggest contention.

Oh, and it's kinda hard to play a spell-caster on account of all the interrupts. Hopefully they add a concentration skill or something.

It would be ace if they let us import our character from the first one too.

WildArmed3139d ago

Spell interruption was annoying at first. But once people understood the roll of a tank, I didn't have many problems during my Mage rebirth. It was extremely fun with those elemental affinities.

callahan093139d ago

"White Knight Chronicles 2’s environments will also be more dynamic as the scenery can change with the different seasons and weather patterns. "

That's the coolest thing I see in this article! I can't wait to see what it's like.

Chris3993139d ago

But honestly, I do 90% of my questing solo and 10% grouped. And I've been playing a caster since the get-go. Still, it's nice that you can cast spells in full body armor; that helps quite a bit :)

Commander TK3139d ago

"SO US will get this when? >.>"

Stop ignoring the rest of the world...

R_19933139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I thought the game was good, but lacked a little polish; it needed a little more time in the oven. I found a few faults in the game's SP, and a few online:

In the SP you can't heal using other characters' abilities which aren't in your party, outside of battle. You'd have to change party members to heal, then change back. It's a minor fault, but these kind of things are noticed.

Sarick3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The provoke and threaten are limited to sword and spear. I like sword myself but provoke is only one target.

The delays for using abilities is horrible, most of the abilities take so much time to activate that using them to increase/decrease damage results in a about the same output.Assuming you figure in the ability just before a combo.

with bonus

Power up > Ability + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 (back to normal) 5 moves total damage 400!

No power up > 90 + 90 + 90 + 90 + 90 5 moves total 450!

One more thing a few of the higher level armors are disgusting or look like they're more for female genders.

I loved this game but a few things made it a little annoying.

WildArmed3139d ago

lol Sorry, I did not mean to offend you.
Eu and US usually receive their localization at the same time. My questions was really asking is when will this be localized if they release in Summer '10 in Japan.

I found the non-healing form non-party members to be fine. I've grown accustomed to it from playing older JRPGs.
Yes it definitely could use more polish, I"m hoping for the sequel to blow away it's predecessor.


Yeah, I tend to use intensify only if i'm nude. so it's like 2 seconds per attack or if i'm about to combo.

Otherwise the waste of one turn ends up you doing less damage (as you have already shown)

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Abash3139d ago

But imo they should do Dark Cloud 3 next, then White Knight Chronicles 3 after DC3

WildArmed3139d ago

Well here's to hopeing.
They'll be free after summer ;)

Redempteur3139d ago

no thanks about dark cloud ...

sorry dark cloud fans BUt when you start a trilogy ( white knight ) you've got to finish it first before doing anything else

Chris3993139d ago

Summer release ftw. Hopefully, they get it localized by winter over here - though winter 2011 is more likely :(

ClownBelt3139d ago

I can't wait for this game. I love the first WKC. I just hope they don't remove the online portion since that part was the best...

WildArmed3139d ago

I dont think they will.
THe reason why WKC stands out from the rest JRPGs is bcoz of the amazing geonet

Redempteur3139d ago

well you might be happy as it is rumored that you can be in a party of 6 people overall online for quests.

WildArmed3139d ago

I'm not sure if i'd be happy about that
4 party works great atm.
And ofc dividing up exp and money hurts lol >.<

But we'll see how WKC2 comes together in a few months!

120FPS3139d ago

"THe reason why WKC stands out from the rest JRPGs is bcoz of the amazing geonet"

Really? I thought it was because it flopped harder than the rest if the JRPG'S, man it even scored less than Last Remnant

WildArmed3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Aye, it did.

But it didn't stop me enjoying WKC more than any other JRPG I've played. (and my main gaming genre is RPG or Action)
Being the fanboy you are, I'm still going to answer you seriously. I dont expect trolls to understand, but here I go.

Critics in general are starting to hate JRPGs for being 'traditional' JRPGs..

Usually I have faith in the Review system, but for tradtional JRPG they never seem to work.

Games like Lost Oddesey and WKC get put in the back seat while they are both amazing games.

Feel free to put me on ignore if you dont like hearing about JRPGs. -.-

Yeah, it seemed like all the FF13 reviewer 'wished' it to be something else..
Instead of a JRPG, they wanted an open world wRPG?
Reviewing RPGs is waay too of a tricky business. I usually buy RPGs from the word of mouth of other RPG fans.
I'll definitely give ToV a try.

kingdavid3139d ago

You are right on that.

Cant believe some reviewers gave ff13 a 5.

ToV is another fantastic JRPG which recieved only good or average reviews in the west.

97gsx3139d ago

I have to be honest the reviews made me not buy it. I was shocked level 5 made a bad game especially after rogue galaxy. I am definately picking it up now though.

Baka-akaB3139d ago

it only flopped for people living and breathing via review score .
Wich would be the silliest thing an actual jrpg fan could do , given how they are usually treated .

At least , if judging by sales , it easy to see that it actually was a big success in japan , and seems to be doing so-so , even ok in the west .

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FamilyGuy3139d ago

WKCs is truely the most under rated game to come out in recent years. The temporary/free extra content is great and really keeping me interested and the community and town creation is awesome.

Over 200 hours spent already and this game has been the best $60 spent since Uncharted 2 (which I also got a ton of hours out of).

Part 2 can't come soon enough, but at the same time im not sure when I'll be ready to move on. GR9 btw

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