Cliffy B explains what he'd change in Gears of War if he could go back in time

Ever wonder what Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski would do differently with Gears of War if he could go back in time? Well, during an interview at GDC 2010, he answered that very question.

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hakis863138d ago

Gears of War 3 should go multiplat - and maybe it will?
According to a story the other day EPIC is the owners of this license and can do what they want with it.
If Microsoft had the license they would probably stop that from happening.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

So basically he would like to pull "Naughty Dog" and give personality to Markus. Ok Cliffy

MerkinMax3138d ago

Cliffy took alot of input to heart.

ThePlaystationFour3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Gears felt like another one of those Halo feel FPS titles. Pretty much they share almost the same story where aliens are pretty much either taking over the universe or causing problems. This is why I support Sony. They think outside the box and if I wanted to play Gears.. I would have bought a 360. But I decided to purchase a PS3 for many reasons and one of those reasons where to experience gaming like none other. Nintendo had it's run back in the day but they seem to drop the ball during this gen with it's new Wii concept, Focusing on selling titles to kids rather than creating or expending legendary franchises.

Edit: A Disagree? WOW 360 fanboys are butt hurt

hakis863138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I kind of liked Gears, was cool in CO-OP. Not that I would jump up and down if they annouced Gears3, but if they did go multiplat a lot of more gamers could have a cool experience.
However, it would be weird to release only the 3rd game in the series on the PS# and not the two first..

I prefer the PS3 nowadays as well, Genesis. =)

EDIT: Horde is cool though

BeaArthur3138d ago

Genesis2oo9...because Killzone 2 was so original? Other than Heavy Rain I have yet to see anything on the PS3 that was super original. Now don't get me wrong I love my PS3 exclusives but to act like the PS3 somehow has vastly more original IP's than the 360 just makes you look foolish and ignorant.

ThanatosDMC3138d ago

Gear co-op was great! Gotta love screwing around with friends and causing everyone to die! heheheh...

Venatus-Deus3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

LBP, ModNation and Flower...

I guess you don’t play your PS3 much or only got one last xmas.

Foolish and ignorant are harsh words to use when your the one who forgets 2008's game of the year genre creating LBP, and then say... Other than Heavy Rain I have yet to see anything on the PS3 that was super original.

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TOO PAWNED3138d ago

Marcus has as much personality as my shoe. Marcus character is as interesting as watching old paint dry.

BeaArthur3138d ago

Like make sure the MP worked correctly before you released it? I like the Gears of War campaign and the co-op and horde modes are cool but the competitive multiplayer is a joke. It has more bugs than MW2.


The Indian dude from predator "Billy" played by Kentucky governor candidate Sonny Landham threatened to sue epic over using his likeness(face). After about 6 weeks of negotiation the owner of the gears of war franchise Microsoft threw a large settlement at Mr. Landham. It's sad to know they decided to go with Alec Baldwin to play Marcus in the upcoming movie. I can understand Ving Rhames as coletrain, but Alec Baldwin as Marcus why not just go with John Stamos yah knuckleheads.

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The story is too old to be commented.