5 Things That Suck About God of War III

Brave New Gamer's James Pikover: God of War 3 is an excellent game. I think it's, in many ways, the best exclusive PS3 title thus far. But it ain't perfect, and we're all about finding the best, and worst, in games. As critics, it's our job to point out the extremes on both sides, so here, we discuss the darker side of God of War 3.

View at your own discretion. Spoilers abound.

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slave2Dcontroller3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Just one? Garbage journalist writing garbage articles that suck about GOW3. This game is mine in 1hr and 49mins.

<<<<<<<B EWARE>>>>>>- The hater(author) includes GOW3 spoilers for his POS Farticle? which is probably the only reason he wrote it to begin with.

pixelsword3234d ago

This is the same thing like that jerk person who gets an account and spoils PS3 games in the threads.

And they say PS3 fanboys are the worst.

beardpapa3234d ago

hey this is the same site that has the article about how the game is only around 8 hrs long. they really want hits!

Cueil3234d ago

same guy who actually beat the game in 8hrs and 35mins and the same guy who wrote the best things about God of War 3 as well... don't be retards... the game isn't anything closing on a masterpiece... it is an excellent piece of technology on display... but it's not perfect stop acting like this game is the second coming of the Lord.

morganfell3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

As critics it's their job? What sort of idiot thinking (I know, a contradiction in terms) is that?

Instead of intelligent consideration in an article we are privy to random sophomoric mental hiccups that do not pass as rational, formative thought.

Brave new gamer? More like reckless young button masher. Critics have no job or purpose, that is why they are critics. No one really needs them, least of all gamers. The sheer arrogance that says, "Gamers are too stupid so we critics have been set above the ignorant masses to point out what is wrong."

Here is a lesson for you imbecile critics, gamers are perfectly capable of determining what they like and do not like. They do not require some pimple faced chicken chest to think for them. Particularly when so little mental effort went into this article's worthless rambling in the first place.

Besides, the article manages to demonstrate 10 things that suck about critics and 20 that suck about

You know what else sucks? Writing and then submitting your own worthless attention starved article. It belongs in the same trash bin as brucieongames.

ChozenWoan3233d ago

This article about bad things about GoW3 and one about the good things about GoD3 are posted around the same time. This one is over 200 degrees and the other is about 30. Yet it is claimed that N4G is overran with SDF members. We won't mention the flood of anti-Sony/PS3 articles that flood this site daily and burn their way to the top of the front page, but hey, FBs are the worst regardless of what banner they flock under.

The only bad thing about GoW3 is that being human I need to eat, sleep, and work so I can't play it 24/7.

mal_tez923233d ago

The thing I don't like about God of War is the gameplay mechanics. I don't like mashing combos over and over.

kancerkid3233d ago

People actually play this game for the story?
I was watching a few cinematics and Kratos' voice really got on my nerves. This would be a game where I skipped all the cutscenes.
Let me get down to the killing, the blood and gore.

captain-obvious3233d ago

wait a min. in here
some of those things that he said
were actually the best parts of the game

W-k3233d ago


Coffin873233d ago

... like this wouldn't even exist if the game wouldn't be that legendary.

so the existance of this article basically proves its fail in itself. lol.

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nogolis3234d ago

Don't read this article... It spoils many of the games facets for you all. He did get a few things wrong, though. It was probably intentional to make the game look worse than it really is but still.

The naysayers are abound with this one. I love it. I think it's the best game this gen and Sony hit a homerun here. People are pumping up Bayonette because it was a new IP... Yet stole every idea from past franchise. They are using everything they can to tarnish how incredible this game is.

Buy it. Love it. Play it to completion at least 2 times.

3234d ago
TheTruth20093234d ago

1. Eight-Hour Campaign.
2. Single Player Only.
3. Framerate Issues.
4. PS3 sucks.

Just a thought...

Have you all noticed that there haven't been many commercials for the release of this game? THE BIGGEST GAME TO BE RELEASED THIS YEAR FOR PLAYSTATION 3???

I'll tell you why.

Sony is about BluRay. Not PS3. You have seen NUMEROUS commercials for movies released on BluRay while you're watching TV. Haven't you? Sony knows what side their bread is buttered on. PS3 is a LOSS LEADER. They've given up. Lights out. The party's over. And they're not going to waste resources on pumping up a title that will be lucky to sell 3 million copies. They'd rather put that money into a format that MAKES MONEY.

PS3 sucks.

Even Sony knows it.

They got what they wanted. And you bit. Hook, line, and sinker.

Go ahead and take this short snippet of a game, finish it, and feel that you got a great experience in return. And then, come in hee and sing the praises of the game being "Game of the Year". Sony is LAUGHING at you. They can release a portion of a game with NO multiplayer or online component of any sort, and you buy it anyway.


Good luck with that. Tools. :-)

A change in the wind3234d ago

Man, you`re in some serious denial right now huh? You don`t even believe yourself anymore. No commercials? I`ve seen 5-10 so far in the past hour on CC and Spike. The midnight launch was amazing, only adults. There were plenty of people laughing at the xbox too. It`s funny how nobody really talks about the 360 anymore. You seem to think nobody cares about the PS3, yet NOBODY gives two sh*ts about the 360. EVERYBODY is talking about God of War 3. EVERYBODY wants a PS3. NOBODY wants xbox anymore, that sh*t is old news pal. Face it. The 360 is like milk and toast compared to PS3, a f*cking thanksgiving dinner.

A change in the wind3234d ago

Oh look, ANOTHER GOW3 special on Spike. Oh look, regular men competing for playstation prizes. Oh look, hot babes standing there in bikinis. Hmmm, I`ve never seen anything like this for any 360 crap. Just keep telling yourself everything you do. Ease the pain :)

blasian3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

yall bots use ur money to replace ur xboxes and we use our to buy games

morganfell3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Look how many people Microsoft hooked with HD DVD external drives. Talk about making their fanbase look like a pack of all day suckers...

Then MS took their money and deserted them saying, "Discs don't matter. Come buy a 120GB drive for your 360 that costs twice what a 750GB HDD for the PS3 costs. And while you are throwing away money, spend $80 bucks for this worthless WifFi that the PS3 has built in and then burn the last bit of your money on controller batteries finishing it off by paying for online."

You would think that 360 fans would know better after MS quite making Xbox games after 4 years, dropped those fans like a loaded diaper.

Cold 20003234d ago

I've just read all the comments in this thread. And as usual you getting the people cursing, crying etc, bringing up conspiracy theories and so on.

Now lets see the EXACT same article from the very same site but for Mass Effect 2.

Now just look at how completely different that thread is. Pretty amusing. The comments are way more mature, thought out. People actually trying to have a discussion, no cursing, no conspiracy theories.

Convas3234d ago

Thank you so much for that laugh. You delusion is so delicious. And simply because you shot your self in the foot in one place. How many kids has anyone ever seen at a Midnight Launch?

Mmmhmmm, I didn't think so. Say what you will about the Xbox, but when you leave the realms of common sense then I have a bone to pick.

Rockox3233d ago

I actually just saw my first God of War commercial on TV last night. I was shocked.

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spektical3234d ago

best exclusive?

i dont know about that :P

ps3 exclusives cater to a wide range of fans, and they have excellent cases to be the best exclusive.

BUT i cant wait for this game to get in my mail box, hopefully our mail room people actually put your mail in ur box the day it gets there.. rarely do they do it...

stonecold13234d ago

for this game to come out man ps3 exclusive only on the ps3 sorry bot your machine is not capable oh handling kratos it will never handle god of war 3 thats a fact end of statment

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