New video shows over-the-top action in Stuntman: Ignition

Game1 released an exclusive video to Stuntman: Ignation - which is scheduled for a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 - release. The video is taken from the Xbox 360-version, and shows several gameplay-elements. Click the link below to take a look at the scene.

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Siesser4125d ago

Hmm, so long as this isn't plagued with the obscenely long load times of the PS2 version, I may end up getting this. I was so excited about getting the first game, but waiting 30 seconds just to retake a scene was so annoying I got rid of it. Game looks nice though.

MK_Red4125d ago

They have surly upgraded the graphics since the last trailer but still, the whole physics and gameplay are really last-gen since the PS2 and PS3/360 versions will be the same graphics wise. Its time devs learn from teams like Criterion with Burnout: Paradise, a Burnout game for next-gen and then make a spin-off for last gen (Burnout: Dominator).

Skynetone4125d ago

even the graphics look the same except for a few more people in the scene


Shake4125d ago

To me it will be a new experience,so yeah Im going to pick this up.