Gamer Limit Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Gamer Limit writes "Xbox 360 owners may feel a little disappointed in their port, but this game was designed from the ground up for the PS3."

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Jorrel563164d ago

Can't even get past the first few hours of this game. Way too painful. And with everything else coming out these next few weeks, it will be 2011 before I actually feel like going back to it.

JQ3164d ago

Jorrel56 hates everything that is good.

Yuenanimous3164d ago

The real question is "do i get it on 360 or ps3?"

thedoctor3164d ago

Have yet to play it, but I saw a video of the fighting system. Consider me still not sold. If there are still any elements of turn-based in there, I definitely will NOT be buying it.

TrailerParkSupervisr3164d ago

butt overall its pretty "meh". with all the other games out there, this would nto be my top choice. not being able to explore is killing it for me.

Baba19063164d ago

why are you thinking about buying a ff game, or why are you interested in jrpgs, if you hate turn based.... some people are just funny.

TheGameLlama3164d ago

Wait, Final Fantasy XIII just came out? They should advertise this!

themizarkshow3164d ago

Wait... this is a series!? I thought they just stuck a number at the end to be ironic.

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