VGC: Civilization V Preview

The Civilization Series launched in 1991 with the slogan, "Build an Empire to Stand the Test of Time". Civilization V was announced on February 18th and not only does the slogan still stand true, but Sid Meier's franchise is second to none in the genre of exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating.

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BeardedGamerShow3191d ago

Never played a Civilization, but this looks pretty cool. I may have to give it a try.

Braineater24483191d ago

Yea its actually quite fun. Kind of in the way SimCity was when you were younger.

Rubang3191d ago

Who hasn't played a Civilization? Everybody should play Civ2 at some point in their lives.

In fact, there's a free open-source Civ2 clone called FreeCiv:

naznatips3191d ago

Looks like some nice improvements over Civ IV.

shqype3191d ago

Have these "previewers" never played Civilization 4 in the past, or do they just not understand their shapes?

Each plot in Civilization 4 was a square, yes. But that meant you could move your unit in one of 8 directions, the obvious up, down, left, right, and the plots diagonal to them.

This new hexagonal plot approach definitely sounds interesting and perhaps an improvement based on the new battle system, but we still have less freedom as to which plots we can move to. We only have 6 choices now, as opposed to 8 in previous Civilization installments!

Faelan3191d ago

My guess is that the adoption of the hexagonal system has to do with the removal of unit stacks and ranged units actually being ranged. They want moving and positioning of units to have more strategic importance than it did in the past. The hexagonal system just reinforces that. It'll also give the game a more oldschool feel I suppose.