Seriously, Stop Comparing God of War III to Bayonetta

A theme has persisted since the review release of God of War III, and now that the retail release date is upon us these flames are sure to get stoked again. Bayonetta vs. God of War III is a common argument with fans of the action genre. Sure there are some comparisons to be made, like, their in the same genre and they came out relatively close to each other for example. Though that's about as far as you are gonna be able to take that argument, as outside of being in the same genre, Bayonetta and God of War are as different as night and day. The critics agree God of War III is a masterpeice, a 93 on metacritic currently, no small feat. Personally after playing Bayonetta through a few times I had declared it my favorite game of the genre, of all time, for it's sheer fun,originality, and overall presentation. Though it's funny how things change, opinions on what's good and what's the best in your minds eye. Developers chasing new technical heights can do that sort of thing.

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nogolis3138d ago

Why should we compare greatness to a pile of forgettable horse $hit like Bayonetta? We shouldn't. I've played both... Just beat GOW3 over the weekened and there is nothing to compare here.

GOW 3 has better graphics. Better story. Better physics. Better textures. Better, more accessible gameplay. Better level design. It has everything Bayonetta doesn't... It even has a better name.

End it. Bayonetta sucks the donkey and GOW3 doens't.

FanboyAttack3138d ago

Bayonetta sucks the donkey? Hardly, just watch at the end of the year Bayonetta is gonna be up there with God of War III in the critics eyes as one of the best of the year.

Crazyhorse3138d ago

They dont even compare and I haven't played euther one. Just look at the two they are night and day graphics, God of War, gameplay God of War, God of War only on PS3, again the edge goes to God of War. ITs Good, its great, its wonderful its de best game of all times.

kenlawson3138d ago

Not so quick nogolis Bayonetta was a pretty unique game. I haven't played god of war so I can't speak on it, so it I can't say which game I prefer, but I can say that I enjoyed the hell out of Bayonetta. One of the first games I felt complelled to play again on higher skill levels in awhile. Was it a great game? Maybe. I definitely got my monies worth.

Jamie Foxx3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


Nogolis how did you get the game so early I'm jealous?

kenlawson3138d ago

I read that article maybe yesterday I think. It was good. Kinda opens your eyes up to these meta reviews and how they score these games. The sad part is they basically determine a games success.

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poe3138d ago

Really? I didn't know they filtered articles like that. That sucks. I read that a couple of days ago. Like you said, well written and factual.

JANF3138d ago

@ Jamie Foxx

Maybe they removed it from the front page because it wasn't an article but a blog.

Neo6043138d ago

xbox user wish they have a game like GOW but they have to settle with a girl.

pangitkqb3138d ago

site I've never heard of!

In fact, I can like BOTH games and compare them all I want!

fear883138d ago

Just as soon as Metacritic shuts down.

Has anyone compared the 360 Bayonetta metacritic average to God of War 3's metacritic average?

God of War 3 - Metascore 94

Bayonetta - Metascore 90

The scores speak for themselves. God of War 3 is BETTER.

GrandTheftZamboni3138d ago

@Jamie Foxx

I've been waiting for a thorough analysis like that. What Edge seems to be doing is: usually give low scores to PS3 exclusives, then once in a while they give a decent one (like 90 to UC2). Then there is a smart a$$ commenting on N4G that Edge being biased is a product of conspiracy buffs imagination.

morganfell3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

God of War III literally crushes Red Sonja the Librarian.

As regards the article, it was more well rounded, researched, and objective than the agenda driven rag publication it exposed.

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Hoggy19833138d ago

I liked Bayonetta alot. The first 20mins I was a bit miffed and wasn't buying into the theme but as I progressed I got really hooked into it. The nice thing about Bayonetta is there are different elements slipped in there (e.g.flying a rocket). The controls are the best bit. I don't think it's a button basher although you'll probably end up using the same combo's but only after doging left right and centre to get in position.

I think GOW3 has undoubtedly better visuals and I find the story Gods vs Titans really appealing. If it can add in Bayonetta's gameplay it'll be phenomenal.

It's ironic that this article has achieved exactly the opposite!

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Crazyhorse3138d ago

Booooooo, it's ok if you buy a ps3 you get to play god of war like a true gamer. But since you cheap you just hate it, and cant stand all de good games on ps2 are better dn the games that are on Xbox now.

SpartanZero3138d ago

Personally I think Bayonetta is better than God of War III because the story is better and the bosses and monsters, characters, music, moves are awesome. I love that game so much.

Darkeyes3138d ago

Out of all the things you have mentioned, GOW3 one ups every one of them...

Story... Seriously does Beyonetta even have a story!!?? GOW games always have some of the best stories and set pieces

Bosses and Monster... GOW3 bosses scale and sizes sh!t over Beyonetta's... Dude you fight Gods and Titans, need I say more?

Characters... Ya if you compare Beyonetta to Kratos then I am gonna laugh so hard in your face lol.

Music.... Again GOW3 wins... Japanese hental music vs pure epic opera lol.

Moves.. This might be the only thing I might give to you..

GOW games are always the king of action game.. No wonder critics praise GOW3 for raising the bar again.

Jamie Foxx3138d ago

And then you will know why.

Anorexorcist3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

and you'll see exactly how objective he's opinion is about anything that isn't on the Xbox 360.

ChineseDemocracy3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


Yeah, i can tell from your halo profile picture and your obvious trolling that you really enjoy PS3 exclusives such as GOWIII.

ryano232773138d ago

I couldn't play Bayonetta past 30 minutes.

I don't enjoy the way Thomas the Tank Engine tells its story.

tinybigman3138d ago

is the combat even though its a serious button masher.

the story is non-existant, the voice acting is horrible, and dont get me started on the absolute worst game music of all-time. i stopped playing when i got to the final stage.

i tell you what i personally hate going here but the only people who were really hyping up this game were the 360 fan(add word); if this game was so damn good they would have brought the game. as you can see though it only sold on the 360 only to the tune of just under 500k yea its a must have game huh?

heavy rain a niche title outsold the 360 version of bayonetta. thank god the best in the genre is releasing today, ill finish bayonetta whenever the hell i feel like getting back to it.

newsflash 360 only fans if your going to hype up a game as the best in its genre how about buying the game to prove people right or wrong.

wiggles3138d ago

agree!...But I would say to be careful about going from a mature game like heavy rain to bayonetta. I mean two opposite ends of the spectrum, you have an amazing adult themed gamed that is bursting at the seams with maturity, while on the other hand bayonetta is bursting with immaturity. I mean it was an alright game, it just seems like a weird mix to go from.

tinybigman3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

You are correct I really shouldn't have compared the two, but I just wanted 360 only owners to know that their little version of bayonetta was outsold by a niche title.

A title that will probably hit a million while their version of bayonetta won't. Bayonetta is a good game 8 at best, but it is the most one dimensional game I've played this gen.

Someone up top said that its not a button masher, but they couldn't be further from the truth. There's really no course to learn all the different combos as you'll just spam the ones you know out of habit; which is what happened to me.

God of War is the complete package and bayonetta does not compare to it.

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eemoemo523138d ago

Yeah people don't understand gaming comes down to preference. Even when a game has technically better graphics like god of war iii supposedly has. It might not be appealing to the specific person that is playing it. I haven't played God of War III but I plan to, I'm not totally pumped up about it either but I will get to it. Final Fantasy XIII is one I'm gonna milk for awhile. And in my preference is the best game so far this year regardless of anything. And I play it on the Xbox 360 disc swapping and all.

poe3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I'm with you on Final Fantasy I have been playing it on 360. My save keeps messing up after I swap discs though. I had to restart like 5 times same part at the swap of Disc 1. After I shut off the Xbox my save was gone. I thought i messed up somewhere then it happened again, and again. Finally it saved.

VileAndVicious3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Guys that doesn't sound too good =(
Id be pissed if my saved data got messed up in a game as long FF...

But anyway.. yeah i think comparing the two is pretty fair considering that even going back to PS2 days people always compared Devil May Cry with the GOW franchise. After all Bayonetta is pretty much DMC repackaged.

Like someone stated above it all comes down to preference Ive never been a huge GOW fan myself. Just could never get into it. But Ive always loved DMC (except 2.....and 4)

Yes GOW3 graphics are great BUT Graphics just aren't everything, some people just love the high speed stylish action.
Others want the high production value. To each his own I guess.

Biggest3138d ago

That is just plain sad. Two of you mention the graphics as if they were the only thing going for God of War. What is the story in Bayonetta? What is the purpose? How is the music? What reasons are there to continue playing after the game is over? Those are the things that God of War is unquestionably doing well, while Bayonetta is lacking to many. Of course it is all up to the opinion of the player. But I would love to hear some of the people that feel strongly about Bayonetta to answer those questions. Especially the story part.

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