Craving Legitimacy: just shut up and play!

Do modern games need deeper meaning to be worthy? Leigh Alexander investigates...

"Is Bayonetta sexist? Is Resident Evil 5 racist? Does Call of Duty have something relevant to say about global warfare? These are just a few of the recent debates that have cropped up in the games press and in fan communities online - an example of the passionate and intellectual discussion that has become increasingly possible as games have evolved.

But bigger than any of these controversies is the question: Do we need to be having these discussions at all? We should let games be themselves - no more and no less."

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WildArmed3136d ago

Lol @ modern day mario...
Reminds me of Prince of persia or Bionic Commando (the 3d one)

GrrrlGamerX3135d ago

Hmmm. This article is a bit meandering and unfocused -- I don't even understand what her point is. Did she get the job for being a girl? Give it to me instead! I can write better than her! lol