Top 5 Failed Console 'Innovations' This-Gen


"So we've finally been given a good look at the final 'PlayStation Move' controllers, and Project Natal is expected to dominate a significant portion of E3, but what about all those other so-called 'innovations' that have launched and failed this generation?

You know, the things Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's PR were desperately trying to convince us would be an integral part of our gaming experience only for them to either fade away or remain an uncomfortable or unneeded addition to our lounge room.

That's why it's time to honour the Top 5 Failed Console Innovations. At least for a few minutes before stuffing them back in the closet to serve the more useful purpose of collecting dust."

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BadCircuit3192d ago

My father still has the old sixaxis controller without the rumble and it really does feel like a cheap fake controller.

As for overall, the 360 controller is by far the best for the games I like, except for the d pad.

gaminoz3192d ago

I hate my sixaxis but damned if I pay a fortune to get the rumble one after forking out so much for a 40 gig PS3.

Homicide3192d ago

Yeah the sixaxis controller felt awful; it felt like I was going to break the damn thing.

Cajun Chicken3192d ago

I've only had a DualShock 3 for about the last 2 weeks. Best purchase I've done for a long time, games obviously feel much better and I've had a whole new reason to go through a few old ones. I also still have my two original Sixaxis'es!
3 player splitscreen Modnation Racers for me!

zoks3103192d ago

How is Home a failure when over 12 million people use it, and nothing like it have ever been done on a console before.

Anorexorcist3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

You better stop asking sensible questions like that, or else the fanatic PS3 haters will have you disappear in a hurry!

The list compiler fails on his reasons for hating Home: "The areas themselves also lacked any form of personality with sterile, trying-way-too-hard-to-be-hip- and-modern architecture combined with constant ads (both posters and videos) for the latest Sony-related products..."

Well what would have been the better approach? To make the living areas more retro and socially-nostalgic? Everytime we walk down the sidewalk, everytime we are driving down the highway, we constantly see posters, billboards and ads, whether we like it or not. How is this such a reprehensible fault within Home? Not to mention the fact that Home is a free service. Sony needs to open up some revenue streams by selling advertisement space to recoup its investment in Home.

B*tch and nag, B*tch and nag about the most negligible things.

bruddahmanmatt3192d ago

Should put this article on a list of FAILs seeing as only about half of it is true. The xbox camera as well as the obnoxious add-ons required to make a 360 almost as capable as a PS3 definitely belong on the list.

The argument about the Sixaxis is half right. Sony was stupid in their attempt to try and strong arm immersion and pull a Microsoft by BSing the gaming community and claiming no one wanted rumble and that rumble would interfere with the Sixaxis. And yes, the controller was flimsy and almost everyone I know now has analog sticks which stick on their SA while my Dualshock's sticks still work just fine. However, Sixaxis motion control in and of itself isn't a total fail. Several games have integrated the technology into their games in very subtle ways such as Killzone 2 with the sniper rifle and the explosive charges. Very nifty. Flower has also shown that the Sixaxis can work as pretty much the sole input device unlike Lair which was the complete opposite.

Which brings us to why this article downright sucks. The Wiimote and Home. Yes, the Wiimote wasn't as accurate as folks were lead to believe early in its life, however it was a bold new step in a bold new direction and proof of this can be found in the fact that the Wii continues to sell despite a lack of great titles and both Sony and MS coming up with motion control devices of their own. And then there's Home. Seriously, just GTFO. First off, there are TONS of folks on Home which says something right there. People like it for whatever reason. Me? I like goofing around in various rooms and playing the different mini games available. Not only that, but Home is free if you want it to be (you aren't required to buy anything) so how folks find time to complain about it is beyond me.

HolyOrangeCows3192d ago

Leave it to an xbox site to whine about Playstation Home.

"Boo hoo! They have a gun to my head and are forcing me to be a part of a free application! Boo hoo!"

smittyjerkins3192d ago

I don't think Home was a failure. A lot of people still play it today.

Sayai jin3192d ago

@bruddahmanmatt- 'Sony was stupid in their attempt to try and strong arm immersion and pull a Microsoft by BSing the gaming community and claiming no one wanted rumble and that rumble would interfere with the Sixaxis."

Pulling a Microsoft. Sony simply try to make controller with no rumble and the fans did not approve of it. Sony then turned around and brought out the DualShock. Your comment did not need to include MS in it in anyway. Your point was validated without saying that.

On topic, I agree with some of the items. I disagree with the Wiimote. Well at least I did not think that it would be super accurate. HOME...I do not prefer HOME, but to say it is a failure is incorrect. It has a good user base and many people have a blast on it. Either you use HOME or you don't. hey should add the Wii classic remote to the list.

But at last, we have to take the good with the bad. Even though it sucks for our wallet when we buy something for our beloved console(s); if the industry did not take gambles we would not see the likes of all the top notch games, innovations, etc we have witnessed this gen. Argh Argh

Game on...

-Alpha3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

The fact of the matter with Home is that PS3 fanboys hyped it to no end calling it an innovation and it launched with many promised features missing. Simple as that. And no, it doesn't have 12 mill users a day. I love how people keep twisting that. 12 million logged on users doesn't mean they all stayed and use the app actively.

Home is not as great as it was once touted but it's a work in progress and fanboy hype aside it's doing well for itself.

Home deserves to be up there as it did not start an online revolution. I remember the loads of comparisons to XBL and how Home was supposed to be this amazing future for PSN but it turns out to be an optional, boring service. They did not have trophy rooms, media sharing, and all the other promised features. It's a good distraction but the sheer amount of hype that went into it made it disappointing. Home 2.0 or whatever they have coming this year should be interesting though.

I use the SIXAXIS. Yeah it's light, but I don't really notice much. Have the DS3 too though I don't use it for some reason. Sony was arrogant when saying rumble was "last gen" and I'm glad they got the sense slapped into them by angry fans. SIXAXIS itself was a really random feature that got added in, right after Wii was announced to have motion and though it's pretty useless games like Warhawk and K2 made good use of it.

I think the Wiimote is fine, though I am not a fan of the controller really.

How are MS add-ons supposed to be innovative ideas? They are fails in their own right as MS taxes so many ridiculous add ons. The real annoyance is that you have to get their product and theirs alone. Jerk-move.

Godmars2903192d ago

1) Pretty sure that the 12 million users is daily. I'm certain Sony never meant to indicate it was a daily number. If users top 12 million a month with only 2-4 million of those average burning $5 a month while visiting Sony would be happy.

2) There is no way in hell that PS3 fanboys hype Home. In most cases, being hardcore gamers, they attack it as a waste of space and resources. Ignore it as something the casual crowd might be into to.

Syronicus3192d ago

It's an Xbox site that would have you think they are not bias but in all fairness, they are bias as any other console specific site. And to prove it they put Home on the list when it is making Sony millions and has millions of people in Home. Lame article.

n4gno3192d ago

"As for overall, the 360 controller is by far the best for the games I like, except for the d pad. "

DPAD, battery, weight, double analog not parralel, dead spot, ...ps3 controlers are far better.

ThanatosDMC3192d ago

DS3 is better than the 360 controller. I have no idea what these guys have on their hands.

Commander TK3191d ago

The 360 controller is the best this gen. A lot of people play shooters this gen and the DS3 sucks for that. The Shadow controller is by far a lot better than the piece plastic sh!t known as the Sixaxis. And guys, Home is a failure. Not everything on PS3 is good...

JackBNimble3191d ago

You simply can't say that HOME has fail because it hasn't. 12 MILLION different users have log on (that's what this number means) and HOME is still going, it's not like sony is shutting it down anytime soon.

I think what should have been number one on the list is the fact the 360 Arcade has no hard drive and the other 360 sku's don't have mandatory installs. MS really needs to change this because they don't need blu-ray if they realized that mandatory installs (like on the ps3) would likely solve the problem.

MS should also bring the price of their HDD down to a competitive price instead of squeezing their customers.

MmaFanQc3191d ago


play flower and try to say it dont do a wonderfull job.

even the most retarded fanboy will have to agree the control is TOP NOTCH

TotalPS3Fanboy3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

was the real fail.

The other stuff are debatable, while HD-DVD did actually failed.

beardpapa3191d ago

Where are the "Top 5 Failed Gaming Websites This-Gen" articles ? You know ? Those gaming websites always begging for hits with their so-called 'journalism' ?

Alvadr3191d ago

WTF - HD-DVD Drive should be at number one, its as dead as the dodo and was a total total failure for everyone involved.

Home is getting constant improvments and theres always tonnes of people in it. Sure when it first launched it was in total 'Meh' territory. It should be on the list but not at number 1!!


''As for overall, the 360 controller is by far the best for the games I like, except for the d pad.''

That is an opinion, not a fact.

edgeofblade3191d ago

Great article all around. The love is spread evenly. I agree with just about everything here. Each one is full of fail in some way, but honestly, each of these have found a convincing niche.

Except for the HD-DVD drive.

Anon19743191d ago

Given the fact that it's still beta, and it's free, I don't really see how you could include Home on this list. Maybe wait till it's out of the beta stage before you start talking about "What could have been."

WildArmed3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I'm perfecting fine with the ads on Home.. and on Xbox live..(even if u have Gold membership)

So it's OK to have ads on 360, but not on in Home?
Seems like the author was just listing things to make it a balanced article with out any real reasons.

2 sony.. 2 ms.. 1 nintendo..
that makes everything A O.K.

Ofc, the only two things that failed this gen was the HD-DVD drive. Other than that, everything has been doing well.

ESPECIALLY the wii-mote.. just wow.

The 'vitality sensor' i'd understand, but seriously?

I think Home has come along way, and is far from a failure.
But i'd put PSP GO up there somewhere and arguably the PSeye, right next to the Live vision cam. HD-DVD would be the first by far.. bcoz that actually 'failed' followed by PSP Go.. which has almost failed lol
PSP 3000 is sooo much better.

Sixaxis is awesome, games like flOwer,High velocity bowling, Heavenly Sword and flOw really got me loving it, sure it could have used rumble and been more sturdy like the DS3, but it worked quite well .. so are the wii mote *looks at sales*.. u can call that fail?

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Belgavion3192d ago

Haha Home could only be #1 - I knew it would be before reading the article.

Theoneneo813192d ago

How has Home Failed? 12m users and its a multi Million Rev for Sony at the moment yeah thats a failure to me lmao try harder bots..

sorceror1713191d ago

Home isn't as bad as this:

...but it definitely has some fail in it. One was mentioned in the article: the loading screens. That has to go, or at least be pared *way* down.

The other is limited instances. This is a *virtual* damn world, why the hell should I have to wait in line to play a minigame?

gaminoz3192d ago

There's a bit of controversy there...the Wiimote!

Still some sound arguments there...

edgeofblade3191d ago

You kidding? I keep telling people Move is cashing the checks that Nintendo wrote. They are keeping the promises Nintendo can't...

Cajun Chicken3192d ago

Play Flower, puts the 'Sixaxis apparently being pointless' thing to rest forever.

gaminoz3192d ago

I love Flower (well my wife does- I love the concept and creativity), but that's only 1 game.

ReservoirDog3163192d ago

It was used perfectly in the Ratchet and Clank games too.

Cenobia3192d ago

Flow and Folklore are 2 more.

Also, Heavy Rain.

gaminoz3192d ago

@ Cenobia

Ahhh forgot those! Still have to play Heavy Rain!

WildArmed3191d ago

fl0wer, fl0w, Velocity bowling , Killzone 2 sniping, folklore, Heavenly Sword, etc etc had great implementation of Sixaxis

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Immortal Kaim3192d ago

Pretty accurate list for me as well, though MS's expensive addons are probably at the top of my list.

Timesplitter143192d ago

Yeah I agree with all of those.