Lair - New Images

Check out the new images of Lair, the upcoming PS3 exclusive.

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MK_Red4126d ago

Some really beautiful artwork. I really love the artistic look and feel of this game. A true epic fantasy game hopefully it will become.

Snake_Doctor4126d ago

Waterfall pic looks interesting. I wonder what goes on there?

TruthHurts4126d ago

the last pic, the waterfall.
is one of the best pics i`ve ever seen.
and yes, i`m wondering what goes on there as well.
i keep getting more and more impressed w/ this game as time goes on.

BUM4126d ago

the second picture is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Violater4126d ago

But yes it does look very good.
That one armed dude looks bad a$$

Amplifier4126d ago

Really excited for the outlook of this should be a day one for me to say the least.


Keyser4126d ago

I will stop what I'm doing the day this comes out and give it a lot of spin. This is an adventure game that is so far outside what everyone else is doing. Kudos to them for taking a risk and being different.

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The story is too old to be commented.