1UP: Perfect Dark Review

It was a great game for its time. Hell, it's a pretty good 10 dollar game for right here and now, and it's a damn sight better than the sequel that came out a couple years ago. 1UP doesn't have any problem recommending it to anyone who might have played it a decade ago, but they wouldn't fly off the handle if anyone younger couldn't refrain from giggling a little, either.

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SiteNblog Defender3137d ago

Good score. Had a lot of fun playing this game back in the day.

-MD-3137d ago

I was about 10 years old when I played it on my N64, being nearly 20 now it'll be fun to relive a piece of my childhood.

kwicksandz3137d ago

B+!!! clearly 1up has been paid of by $ony as this game is a AAA title. Games journalism fails again

themizarkshow3137d ago

I remember wasting a ton of time in this game as a kid... can't wait to do so again now that I'm an adult. :D

swice3137d ago

Nice review. Xbox Live anyone?

ryntyler3137d ago

Good price and great price. I guess we will never know, but I'd like to think that the fury of fanboys is the reason why this game costs less than the other Rare conversion. Especially, since it looks like it wasn't just a conversion, but also made it prettier.

robotnik3137d ago

PERFECT FLOP only on the FLOPBOX, thanks again to RAREFLOP to destroy a perfect game bringing it back in FLOP format.


Montrealien3137d ago

this stupidity is 7 bubble worthy? N4G fail.

you're mom must be so proud.