The free iPhone game Trawler Report – N.O.V.A. and the Transformers go to war while we get upset over a hairdryer

Pocket Gamer:

You know your iPhone obsession might be getting the better of you when you have to spend at least half an hour a week obsessing over which games you're going to clear off your home screen, having yet again run out of space. It's something we at Pocket Gamer are all too familiar with, and we're sure some of you are similarly afflicted.

Perhaps Apple will come up with a solution in the iPhone 4G - infinite home screens. Just imagine how many games you could have installed if those pages just kept on scrolling along. App sizes may be ramping up as more developers opt for using pretty graphics and video content, but it's often the size of your home screen that restricts rather than a lack of gigabytes.

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