Current U.S. Best Sellers

Warioware: Smooth Moves for Wii is up to No1 on the best seller list. The All Formats top ten boasts seven Nintendo platform titles, two Xbox 360 games, The Darkness and Halo 3, and one PSP game, last week's overall No1 Lumines. Click through for the top tens by platform…

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PS360WII4127d ago

The only thing I don't like about this list is that they never do show the all list. Only the top ten for each individual console. Plus it's a list from amazon which updates hourly

Seraphim4127d ago

and the reason WarioWare was so high on the list is because it was amazon's deal of the day yesterday was sold out by 12-2 eastern... But yeah, an hourly update doesn't give a whole lot of insight...

MK_Red4127d ago

Great start for The Darkness. Its an original IP and its good that its selling. Need more good new games.