USA Today: Sony's 'God of War III': An epic on multiple levels

Mike Snider from USA Today writes: "The highly anticipated new video game God of War III, out today for the Sony PlayStation 3, is epic in the most traditional meaning of the term: The story concerns the Greek gods and the powerful Titans who ruled before Zeus led a revolt to overthrow them."

"And just as in classics such as The Iliad, in which the gods routinely take sides in human conflicts, many deities have stuck their noses into the business of God of War protagonist Kratos."

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MultiConsoleGamer3143d ago

This game is epic on the same scale as any Summer Movie Blockbuster.

The launch will be HUGE

Serjikal_Strike3143d ago

5 more hours till i get my hands on this...and grab a 32oz MONSTER drink to go with it:)

xTruthx3143d ago

Ima go to the midnight too, still 40 more mins here

Montrealien3143d ago

It's a great game, loving it a lot.

up until now, people will agree with me. Here is where people will not agree with me.

It's little short, don't get me wrong, the sub 10hr epicness is very well worth it, but the most epic fight is against Poseidon and thats the first fight! All in all though, its one amazing game.

xTruthx3143d ago

Man theres was a lot more people than I expected.

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Bot Smasha3143d ago

While the 360 is an epic fail on multiple levels.

Montrealien3143d ago

Why do I always have to remind you noobs? You are are the ultimate failure here. Multiple account fantarts are the saddest things in the world.

Lou Ferrigno3143d ago

you guys have the sh!ttiest hockey team around lol.
what an embarassment to canada they are HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

Montrealien3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

you proved a few things in your comment there Lou.

1- You don't know hockey. Because the Leafs, the Hurricanes and the Oilers, The Blue Jackets, the Lightning the Islanders and the Panthers all say hello and wont be making the playoffs, when the Habs will.

2- You fail as a 1 bubble troll.

3- Gold Baby, Olympic gold, still stings don't it?

4- It's time yo jump on one of your other accounts, you fail at N4G.

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Godmars2903143d ago

Is that this game seems to be getting the advertising that KZ2, UC1, UC2 and VC should have gotten.

I'm even hearing radio spots. A Kevin Butler *and* regular GOW3 commercial - DURING THE SAME BREAK NO LESS!

Montrealien3143d ago

One thing Sony needs to do is up their marketing game, and in the last years they have done just that, I am very happy about that. I have seen way to many amazing Sony first party games go to an early grave do to lack of marketing. *cough* Frequency *cough* Amplitude *cough*

Athlon3143d ago

I concur. Playing my copy right now. Had to take a break since my cousins are visiting and went sightseeing. They also have a PS3 and are going to get the game tomorrow when they return home. I'm texting them to hurry up and get back to my place so I can play since they want to see and play the game too. LoL

nogolis3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

What I loved about GOW3 was how much fun it was to play and boot up. I loved the 1st one. I didn't care much for the 2nd one. But the 3rd one was an absolute dream... It solidifies the Ps3 as "THE" system to have. When you stack all the other games that you cannot get anywhere else next to GOW3, the PS3 stands above and beyond the comp.

It took me 14 hours to beat it and I've already started going back through for my second trophy sweep.

VINNIEPAZ3143d ago

Please stop fanboying. Jesus Christ man.

The real killer3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Please, keep your mouth shut.
He have a good point respect that or shut your mouth and move on.

Montrealien3143d ago

14hours, how? Did you walk through the game?

However I do agree, this is one of those games that justifies the PS3 and proves it is the most powerful console this gen, its one of those games that you just want to show off.

But if you think there is one definitive console to have and ignore the other ones, you fail as a gamer and you become just a simple brand whore. As the great Tyler Durden once said...

"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your f*cking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. "

nogolis3143d ago

I didn't run through it, I admit. I tried to obtain everything and most of the trophies 1st run thru. I didn't get like 15 still, though. That's what I'm going back and doing now. I think it could be beat in under 10, honestly but it doesn't matter. It's the best experience yet this gen. Not even U2 can compete with it...

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