PlayStation Home Update: Home gets updated to version 1.35, new personal spaces

Gamertell has posted its weekly update of new and notable items being offered in Sony's PlayStation Home including personal spaces, events and a long list of items and clothing for avatars.

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Cajun Chicken3165d ago

Home could be an awesome killer app if Move gets involved...just think about that.

Myst3165d ago

Wasn't this last week? I noticed the Final Fantasy XIII stuff and since the updates are only on Thursday I'm assuming this all happened last week.

Lucreto3165d ago

One thing I don't like about the update it them the threatre is not messed up.

The video now plays and loads at the same time but this causes the video to stop every few seconds. I waited until it fully finished thinking it would play properly but no it did the same thing.

legendkilla3165d ago

i noticed that too last night, it was the first time i was in home for a few months. it was noticeably faster loading between area's but I just hate re-downloading the same area's over and over everytime i get into home :(

MultiConsoleGamer3165d ago

HOME is a brilliant idea that still has tremendous untapped potential.

Video streaming PLEASE!

Solbadguy3165d ago

a TV in Home where I can stream video content off of my hard drive.