God of War III Complete Game Guide

God of War III is out this week for most territories. Just Push Start has already played the game and now presents to you our guide to the much anticipated title. Having played through the game multiple times during different difficulties we assure you our guide will help any gamer of any skill and ability.

We cover all the secrets, plus the best way to defeat all the bosses. If you want to all the trophies or just want to simply complete the game here is our guide covering all 7 chapters of the game.

NOTE: Follow through the guide to obtain all of the Gorgon Eye, Minotaur's Horn, and Phoenix Feather. They are are highlighted so missing them are impossible!

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MultiConsoleGamer3139d ago

What a tremendous effort on the part of

I'm impressed.

edwineverready3139d ago

But you just know some xbox360 user will spoil the ending by making a account with the ending of gow3. I think they have to wait with these walkthroughs until after the game has been released for a couple of days.