Did video games wreck 1,000 marriages?

PCW: An annual report from a Catholic counseling service claims computer games are partly to blame for complicating wedded bliss.

The counseling service said the number of people experiencing martial problems because of gaming and internet use surged 87.5 percent from 2007. "People are also getting addicted to playing games," said Accord acting director of counseling Liam Lally.

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IllusionRSN3190d ago

OMG don't show my wife this. She doesn't need to say "I told you so!"

moe843190d ago

No, 2000 people who didn't have the sense and care for the other person in their life to work things out. People need to learn how to prioritize their lives. Blaming games for any of their problems is horsesh!t.

pwneddemocrat3189d ago

to get married means you should be responsible and sane, so when the so called responsible husband starts playing games more than taking care of his family and playing games in his marital problems, the problem is in the game?

i swear, these guys need to find better arguments, they really underestimate us -gamers-