Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Q&A

Bazajaytee of DICE/EA writes:

We have had a lot of questions about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on all platforms about the issues some have had. Here we will answer some of the more common questions, some will help you get in game, others will give an insight to what we are working on.

This Q&A isn't a definitive list by any means and we are aware of and are working on more than these issues.

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kevin360uk3190d ago

I appreciate random spawning is indeed random, but i think it would have been better not having it in at all, rather a safe point for all to spawn with no risk of getting done from behind or indeed right infront. Too frequently now i either spawn randomly and get killed from god knows where or a spawn with a team mate and get caught in battle. Theres no problems with other game modes, just that one. Will be great to see more modes added eventually too.
Option to turn off some/all vehicles would be a nice addition.