God of War III Walkthrough Video Guide

Kratos has returned and with him he brings the destruction of Olympus. If you're looking for the ultimate God of War III walkthrough on how to defeat Cronos, Hades, Helios or Hermes and solve the puzzles in the upper gardens or the city of Olympus, this guide will definitely help you in your quest to take vengeance from Zeus.

This walkthrough consists of 460 minutes worth of gameplay and is a step by step guide on how to finish God of War III.

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GR8 13141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Like i said earlier on GOW3 is ONLY 8HRS long which is a Disgrace if u ask me a DISGRACE for a game made on 40GB blu-ray disc and only 8HRS long how PATHETIC are the developers of GOW3.

Explain to me now Retards how GOW3 is worth the PRICE. u can finish the game in 1 Day is that worth the PRICE.

halocursed3141d ago

Exactly! But dude I've watched a few of those videos and the game is absolutely epic, anyways I am going to rent it coz I don't see any replay value.

Julie3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

If you make a walktrough u are supposed to know where ate the chests, how to solve the puzzles, etc... so you go straight to the point and they did that in 8 hours , the game seems to have a nice lenght plus replay value! :)

rajman3141d ago

Thats because that website just used my 'Playthrough' videos

moeqawama3141d ago

Yea man, it's got BS written all over it