Resonance of Fate – voice cast uncovered

Sega: With the European launch of Resonance of Fate only a couple of weeks away, the development team at tri-Ace are taking some well-earned rest. But we'd like to take you back to August of last year when – in the middle of the busy production schedule of the Japanese version of the game –Shimano-san (producer, SEGA Japan) and Suguro-san (director, tri-Ace), flew out to Los Angeles to over-see the recording of the English Language vocal track.

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Lucreto3165d ago

Nolan North at it again.

I love his voice but he should try other voices as well.

On post 78 is his demo reel it shows how varied his voice can be.

Reshun3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I didn't even know that he was the voice behind Vossler in english version of FFXII lol