Sony: Move Will Boost PlayStation 3 Sales

CC: The PlayStation Move will "absolutely" help the sales of the PlayStation 3 console itself. That's the view of Sony Worldwide Studios European boss, Michael Denny.

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GR8 13137d ago

Nope not gonna happen even ps3 fan retards hate Sony's Lag infested motion controller.

Marty83703137d ago

The Lag fest your talking about is LAGTAL, MOVE has shown itself to be far more accurate. Even DEVS are calling LAGTAL, 'A buggy mess'. lol

Jump Out, Play B3yond


blasian3137d ago

Move is in its early stages but sony still allows consumers to try out its product unlike lagtal which M$ doesnt want to let ppl try because they know its pathetic

Valay3137d ago

It'll probably help out at least a little. I doubt it'll have a negative impact really.

mjolliffe3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Lets face it, it won't be the biggest thing around will it? But sure, it'll do pretty well no doubt.

Bundle prices are the biggest factor though!

Shadow Flare3137d ago

in a really odd way, i think what's gonna spark people's interest with the PS Move is the actual look of the thing. I mean, the light ball on the end is gonna intrigue people, it doesn't look like any motion controller they're used to. Then they'll find out its way more accurate then the wii. It could prove a big factor in drawing people away from the wii to the ps3. But it'll be alot down to price and whether sony bundle the Move with the console. Still, most people are still going to buy the wii

Death24943137d ago

that Sony and also outperform Natal like this....

RememberThe3573137d ago

I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty f*cking awesome.

Blaze9293137d ago

The way I see it is anyone who wanted this type of gaming would have and probably already has a wii buy now. So what Sony will bring in mostly is already active PS3 users as well as consumers who have not invested into a current-gen system yet.

Sony will just have to make the message clear and I mean REALLY be on their advertising and marketing toes to let people know this is not just a wii rip off. Otherwise, I don't see any wii owners spending $300 plus the fees for the camera and Move just to get the same experience nor do I see people paying $300+ when the wii has everything included for just $199.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3137d ago

How will Move boost PS3 sales when there is "supposed" to be a shortage?

sikbeta3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I can see a Big Success IF Sony show to people that it's part of a "Whole Package", I mean an ad showing that The PS3 has Blu-Ray, 3D Support and motion-control ala "It only does Everything"

This will be Really Great for Sony and all, but as a Gamer, I DEMAND QUALITY, what I'm saying is that IF the success of the PS-M-controller is based on Gimpy-Lame-Party-Fun type of Games ala wii, I'll Never Support it

I'm OUT of this motion-hype-trend, but the last Video from GT showing how the PS-EYE can track even finger movements, Really SHUT My Mouth, not for being "OMG-So-impressive" just cuz I thought it was going to be a lame-mii-avatar copycat making glitchy movements, but it end up in something good, so it can be a kind of Good Implementation, but PLEASE, don't start with [email protected]

RememberThe3573137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Then the Wii came and completely let me down. If Sony can release more than just party games on a consistent basis I would have no problem with this.

Army_of_Darkness3137d ago

I didn't buy a wii... why?? cause the graphics are last gen and it wasn't even HD. it hurts my eyes to see standard 480p games on my 46" HDTV ** ouch!** you see, just thinking about it hurts!...

randomwiz3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"The way I see it is anyone who wanted this type of gaming would have and probably already has a wii buy now. "

The wii is still selling isn't it? There's still a lot more casual potentials left. I guess it all depends on pricing.

HolyOrangeCows3137d ago

If Sony can release some shooters and such that the hardcore gamers actually give a crap about, then Move will have a future.

ChozenWoan3137d ago

Heck who am I kidding, I'm getting 2-4 PSMoves ASAP. The main thing that will likely hinder my acquisition of PSMoves will be the lack of funds due to the PS3 effect.

Too many games.
Too little money.
Too little time.

dbf3137d ago

Eh I don't think it's gonna make a huge difference. I think the majority of the sales will come from existing ps3 owners.

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SpaceSquirrel3137d ago

It will depend on the price of Move and the system bundle.

sinncross3137d ago

and mostly the exclusive software.

I honestly hope that Ape Escape HD is a full fledged AAA title... now that would be cool!

-Alpha3137d ago

Or that it will suck.
Or that it has no hope.

PR talk is worthless garbage.

gta28003137d ago

I hope that after move releases they just bundle it with the PS3's and make it optional for current PS3 owners. If they were able to bundle it with the PS3 and keep it at the current price(which is highly unlikely) that would be great. But me personally, I'll be sold on it when they release a patch for MLB the show to play with Move.

Hutch23553137d ago

a casual gamer, who may just be thinking about getting into gaming, sees the ps3 move and then says, well the wii is much cheaper than buying a ps3 and the controller, so why would I buy that. A real gamer will no doubt want to get the ps3 and the move, because of its ability to be used in many hard core games. Ps2 owners that maybe were just causal gamers when they bought the ps2 will now have a reason to buy the ps3. So I think it will help overall, not a ton, but it will boost some sales. I just don't think your going to bring in a non gamer with this. The wii is far cheaper and even thought the move is advanced compared, the cost might be a factor. Where as Natal might get that non gamer to get into gaming because its different. This non gamer doesn't know about the ps eye or eye toy so they think that natal is something totally new, and the cost of 199, probably less by then, for an arcade, and a natal for 50-100, I think that person goes with natal. Real gamers go for the move, non gamers might get natal. My 2 cents.

kneon3137d ago


Yes it's just PR talk but they are correct. If just one person buys a PS3 because of move then what they say is true.

The real question is how many extra consoles will be sold because of move.

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Omega43137d ago

No one with a Wii will buy one cause they will just be getting the same experience at least with Natal they will get something different so the Wii and Natal can co-exist.

Sony can only go after potential Wii owners rather than current ones so they wont get much of a boost if even anything.

sajj3163137d ago

I don't disagree with you. I just would like to add that another theoretical strategy is that PS3 has to Move to compete against the Wii HD.

Death24943137d ago

what i mean by "Z" axis? If you can show me a video of the Wii being able to detect how far you are from the system then by all means post it. You should watch my video i just posted showing how PsEye can do what Natal is trying to do. The only difference is that "Move" is more accurate than natal.

swiftshot933137d ago

omega is annoying troll but I definitely cant disagree. No one can look at both natal and move and honestly say move is more innovative. Though I dont think its sony's strategy to offer something completely new and different.

MajestieBeast3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Ye cause i mean natal isnt just a updated eyetoy that has no accuracy and lags like crazy... Ohh wait it is. Move already does what natal promised and more. Natal is the eyetoy 1.5 move is wiimote 2.0 Omega just stay out of ps3 articles cause you will just get owned. Great new vid about move.

D4RkNIKON3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Move and Wii can co-exist. Nothing is going to stop it. Also PS3 games and Wii games can be ported, Natal will be on it's own in that department. Stranded on the land of misfit toys doomed to a life without buttons.

sikbeta3137d ago

The Average Joe and most of people really don't look for something "innovative", I'm sure if some average guy found the wii+motion-control and next to that the PS3+motion-control, the dude will probably see The PS3 as an "updated version" or a new/better version of the current (wii)

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yoghurt3137d ago

What it'll do is, it'll make people think twice before buying a wii. In my opinion it'd be ok, I want a wii, oh hang on, for a few/some $ more I can get a HD console, media centre, blu-ray does open up the console to a wider audience for sure

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