Steve Balmer gets whacked by iPhone's first game

The first iPhone game has appeared on the freshly launched Fun4iPhone courtesy of MyNuMo. The browser based title, iWhack, features Steve Balmer doing his best Gene Simmons impression, popping out of various holes in the ground. It is the job of Apple evangelicals to whack Balmer back down into the mucky depths.

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MK_Red4127d ago

That was quick. It took years of iPod to get games but iPhone was really fast. Looks like DS is finally gonna meet its match (And also PSP since iPhone is also a full multi media device plus a phone).

the_round_peg4127d ago

Third-party game developers are unlikely to make games for iPhone when they are not even making exclusive games for Mac. Unless Apple plans to lead the initiative and puts some weight (and money) to create some first-party games, iPhone won't become a gaming platform.

PS360WII4127d ago

haha Steve Balmer what a dits

Yea good point MK iPhone may in someway go after the market share of PSP and DS. Definitely PSP just for all the things it does plus being a phone. I think PSP will still have a leg up for with anything apple you need to pledge your alliance to iTunes.

marcellizot4127d ago

What is even more interesting is EA's renewed relationship with Apple that was shouted about at the WWDC last month. The iPod is already getting more games from EA as are Macs, let's hope the iPhone follows, it has a pretty meaty processor in it, much more powerful than that of the DS, I for one have my fingers crossed.

the_round_peg4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Is any major game developer making any EXCLUSIVE title for Mac??

Unless EA starts making exclusive games for Mac -- exclusives that can't be played on Microsoft Windows or any other platforms, all the talks and loud noises are just posturing.

FYI, Apple is not even going to be at E3 this year. Apple wasn't at E3 last year either, or the year before, or the year before that... Not at E3. Not at GDC. Not at Toyko Game Convention. Not at GC. Not at any game convention or expo or industry event.

That just goes to show ya how "committed" Apple is to gaming.

marcellizot4127d ago

I think you are approaching this all the wrong way ktchong. Why does every entrant into handheld gaming need to be seen as a direct threat to established platforms, can't it offer something of its own?

Granted, there are no third party developers for the iPhone but this is not due to a lack of interest, it is due to Apple blocking third parties from developing applications which is why for now all of its apps are in the form of Web 2.0 widgets. I would say there are plenty of developers who would be keen to develop for the iPhone were it an option (the thing has just sold 1 million units in less than five days).

As for the Mac...

Wether or not the Mac is to get any EA exclusives (and for the record I don't think it will) is unimportant. Apple has not positioned it as a competetitor to PC gaming. All the partnership with EA means is that there is renewed support for Mac users who want to play a few games from time to time.

And just out of interest, who here said that Apple were 'commited to gaming' that is 100 per cent your assertion young padwan.

the_round_peg4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Mac and gaming does not mix. Mac is not even worth mentioning in a gaming website.

As for the EA's "renewed" relationship with Apple... well, EA is one of the very few video game companies that have been throwing few bones (i.e., game titles) at Apple. It's nothing new. It's not like EA will doing anything different from what it has already been doing for Mac for years.

I saw the video of EA's and ID's "renewed" commitment to Apple along John Carmack's tech demo. It's just PR posturing. There's nothing there. There's no real substance or whatsoever. Only Apple OTers would buy into all that firework. So move along now.

Bill Gates4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Yesterday I posted this comment..

"That crazy bald guy from M$ must be losing his mind right about now..hahaha" (referring to the amount of iphones sold over the weekend).

..and now this game comes out for the

@bladestar.....I was merely pointing out that I had mentioned Steve Balmer's name in regards to the sales of the iphone, and now this iphone game come's out were Steve gets "whacked". NOTHING MORE!!

Also, whether you want to admit it or not, the iphone IS a threat to M$, Sony, and many others. Trust me buddy, M$ is closely watching ANYTHING that Google, or Apple does.

"So, you are way off" about me on "the Microsoft flamming on this one... nice try though..."

BTW are you Dominican?

edit: i was asking because i am too. Quit jumping the gun so much bro.

BIadestarX4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Why would this hurt microsoft? if anything... microsoft it's not currently involved in the handheld market.... if anything Sony and Nintendo are more affected by the iphone being able to play games.... though I believe this is useless to any gamer which already own or rather to buy a PSP or DS.

And if you are refering to windows mobile 5,6.... you obviously are not aware of the thousands of games and applications available for PDAs running microsoft's pda os... which includes not only games... GPS, browsers and a bunch of other thing.
So, you are way off with the Microsoft flamming on this one... nice try though...

@Bill - Let me guess you want to know if I am dominican so you can makes jokes about people from dominican republic? Well, yes I was born there. came to the US when I was 15.

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