Halo Xbox 360 Faceplate Coming

Here's one for all you Xbox 360 customization, or Halo, fans - Gamestop will soon be shipping a Xbox 360 Halo faceplate.

We recently posted the New Zealand exclusive Saints Row faceplate, which has to be one of the finest game-themed faceplates made yet, and now it seems we have a new Halo faceplate that might be able to compete with it.

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CAPS LOCK5411d ago

y is there an article on a face plate anyway i dont think it is that imporntant and it was going to happen soon anyway...

But still a good article i must admit.

STICKzophrenic5411d ago

Well not really. I made one in Photoshop though ;-)

and I have another with GOW, Saints Row, and Halo 3