Nintendo to Third Parties: We've Done Our Job

At the Game Developers Conference last week, IndustryGamers sat down with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime and spent a fair amount of time discussing third-party support for the Wii and Nintendo's role in the third-party publishing ecosystem. While Nintendo continues to do phenomenally well with the Wii, it does seem that since last fall publishers have been reallocating resources towards PS3 and 360, especially when it comes to core games. IG asked Reggie how Nintendo is addressing that situation, and how Nintendo might help out third parties.

"Let me answer the question two different ways. First, as a platform holder our responsibility is to create a large installed base for developers to create content, to provide them with the tools and the insight to help them create great games, and to have in place a profit model that motivates them to create the content and reap the rewards. We've done that; global installed base is over 67 million for Wii and there are 120 million in the DS family. So there's a large installed base, an easy platform to develop for and a strong set of tools out there," Reggie began.

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jack_burt0n3139d ago

psmove will help especially people like EA and marvellous its definately going to make their lives easier and to a certain degree take the pressure off nintendo and bollocks to competition, when its about devs and publishers going bankrupt its just about sales on any platform.

HolyOrangeCows3138d ago

While Wii gamers get fat on Mario, Link, and party games; shooters and action games get ignored because they built up a specified audience but never considered the other audiences much.

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eagle213138d ago

These developers need to get their stuff together and make awesome games. I am interested in NBA Jams, Monster Hunter Tri, etc. kind of quality exclusives from third parties. Nintendo will always outshine most third parties because they have something called talent. :)

Hisiru3138d ago

Yup, Nintendo is doing what they always did but now they are also supporting casual gamers, nothing wrong with that but the third party support really sucks.

Nintendo brought Mario (2 3D games and 1 2D), Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Metroid (2 Metroid games), Punch Out and more. Also, Xenoblade, Sin and Punishment 2 and Zelda are coming. You just can't blame Nintendo for bad hardcore support, you need to blame the third parties, Nintendo is doing exactly what they did with the other consoles. Where is Boderlands for the Wii? Or FFXIII or those games? How can you have a big hardcore audience if the third party support for you console sucks?

Biggest3138d ago

How long has the Wii been out? You listed a handfull of games. The Wii's market is casual game players. Not gamers. It makes sense that third party developers would look to other systems. Games that would be big aren't big because casual game players don't care about them. The people that buy the Wii are the same type of people that still buy the PS2. They don't care about the games. They want the kids to shut up, and they think a cheap video game is the way to do it.

ReBurn3138d ago

The only distinction between "casual game players" and "gamers" is anecdotal at best. It's something that we often tell ourselves so that we feel better about criticizing a market that's worth more than a billion dollars to hardware manufacturers and developers. Why do you think we see so much attention from Sony and Microsoft on copying what Nintendo has done? Because they know that those people are likely to spend more money to play games than what we consider "gamers" today.

The idea of "gamer" meaning the core audience is quickly changing. It means anyone who plays games, and we're just going to have to get used to that.

Biggest3138d ago

Then allow me to clarify my understanding. A gamer is a person that plays video games as a hobby. He is interested in new games. He is interested in old games. He purchases at least a handful of games every year. A casual game player is a person that knows about video games and has a system somewhere. They usually buy games on impulse, not knowing much about current or future releases. They purchase peripherals like the Wii-Fit and Wii-Tennis racket thinking that it's super cool. They do not support new games or developers because they don't know much about them anyway.

Microsoft and Sony are going after the casual game players because they know a sucker when they see one. The problem isn't with casual gamers buying games. It's the fact that the games that cost money to make are not purchased by those gamers. The Wii crowd is proving every day that they are more likely to purchase BooBoo Pony Ride because their baby girl loves ponies. But games like Mad World are left to rot. Nintendo is trying to blame the developers for not being good enough. The problem is that being good enough gets them a nice set of red numbers when the books are compiled. Instead of getting better for Nintendo they are getting better where it matters for them.

dib8rman3138d ago

Do you ask Santa to show you his naughty and nice list each year.

If I had to read every distraught Wii owners list of core games every time they make a post about some one or force ignoring them and their Wii I'd steal bubbles for a living.

I'd like to see your response if there is one, it would be nice to see if your viral or not, here's a tip gamers don't regurgitate we speak with passion in our words, that's why we chalk up $60 for each game only to be let down by 8hrs of game play. (Unless it's dragon age XD)

N4g_null3137d ago

Biggest it's gamers like you that work very very hard not to like the wii that will end up killing off most new developers on HD platforms.

OK nintendo doesn't make hardcore games right. OK fine Im not going to argue with you. You obviously don't want a list of games you want reasons to not like nintendos console. That's fine we dont need you.

Its gamers like you that turned your back on nintendo or better yet act like you would even buy a nintendo game or console. Why are you even here? I could put up a list of 3rd party games and show how low sonys numbers where even compared to the xbox 360. Remember that platform has become stagnant then why hasn't the PS3 pasted it?

The console war is over I could care less if the PS3 does come back because I don't like the gamers on that platform. They are mostly PC gamers too cheap to get a PC and have no real idea about the history of gaming.

Just Like Nintendo It's time to ignore you guys... You dont matter... MW2 crushed every thing on your platform, the cell was a sham, blu ray is only for FMV lol. PS3 fan can not support their own platform.

On top of this SONY doesn't understand what hardcore gamers want any more otherwise I would have a PS3. On top of this the talent in the industry is being fired or going to other markets. No one knows how to make a game with replay.

The whole thing ends with SONY not having any thing really new to show or fresh, which is what happened to MS. Say what you will but gamers are not buying it literally.

I'm only posting to tell you we dont care about what you like. We are hardcore and if any one has turned their bACK ON ANY ONE IT IS sony AND ms. All that power and all we get is crappy PC games when we all have HDati cards.

Speak with your money or shut up why don't you. The only people you are hurting is 3rd party developers. Nintendo is doing fine and so are their hardcore games and new ip out put.

Notice how hardly any Wii gamers come to this site any more. There is a ton of wii news out their but why should i post it here? You guys are not even gamers. This site is beginning to be a true waste of time for real gamers. Enjoy your web site PS3 fans at least you won some thing this gen.

Bye bye now and GG.

Gr813137d ago

100% right there. What is it they say on those Law & Order shows? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Yeah that's what your post was.

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tunaks13138d ago

3rd parties have dug their own graves,
first they litter the wii with shovel ware, then they complain when their serious efforts dont meet their expectations.

Seferoth753138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Ubisoft is a prime example. So many of their games were crap that an entire generation of gamers will avoid them. I know I no longer support them on any platform. regardless.

These companies think all gamers are PS era gamers. They are not. They know quality and will support it.
Of course the ONLY game trolls have left is Madworld, but they've called every minor 3rd party game AAA must own and point to sales as proof its a failure and usually do not look at review scores or the publishers own faith in the title. Reviews, units shipped, and advertising all play important roles. Most of those "failures" have outsold more expensive and much better quality PS3/360 games.
Monster hunter Tri is the first and so far ONLY AAA must own game for the Wii from a 3rd party. It is already over a million units sold.

PirateThom3138d ago

Ubisoft have made a handful of good games this gen, none on Wii, to be fair, but Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas and Prince of Persia are all good games.

tunaks13138d ago

all companies produce shovel ware on the wii, i bet the sales of the shovel ware fund bigger titles.
Ubisoft is giving us Red Steel 2, and Ghost Recon(wonder how that will turn out), and Prince of Persia on the Wii, and the new Raving Rabbits platform is actually good I heard. But Ubisoft also releases those dam imagine Babez titles so they are also guilty.

Somnipotent3138d ago

i've gotten to the point to where if it's not by nintendo, i don't even bother. sad, but true. looking forward to mario galaxy 2 and the new zelda!!

mcgrawgamer3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

but is that ninty's fault? Look at Ubi for example, at launch one would have thought they were a first party dev how much they stayed on the system. It took them 3 years to get a game like red steel 2 ready for the platform that is visually impressive for a wii game and from what I've read on the interweb plays pretty well. Once again I agree with eagle21 3rd parties saw the wii as quick cash in; minimum effort maximum profit. When that didn't work they blamed the platform. The first few years of the wii life cycle. zak and wiki? great game buried under shovelware, madworld, NMH, deBlob, medal of honor heroes 2. all great games for the wii but they were buried under crap titles. Now that these devs see even casuals won't just buy random crap they are putting some effort into the crap they create for the platform

nba jam
tutsunoku vs capcom

just to name a few 3rd party games that are or could be quality titles for the wii. Time will tell of course.

But I think your post resonates with most wii owners out there if it's not nintendo it's not quality so 3rd parties are gonna have to break that perception. It's almost as if 3rd parties will have to re-establish their names on the wii.

tunaks13138d ago

Not even No More Heroes 2? tatsunoko vs Capcom? Red Steel 2(when it releases)? How about the Last Story(when it releases)? and please tell me you know about MH3.

there are good 3rd party games on the wii, just be prepared to bring a shovel.

Somnipotent3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

"First, as a platform holder our responsibility is to create a large installed base for developers to create content, to provide them with the tools and the insight to help them create great games, and to have in place a profit model that motivates them to create the content and reap the rewards. We've done that; global installed base is over 67 million for Wii and there are 120 million in the DS family. So there's a large installed base, an easy platform to develop for and a strong set of tools out there."

Yes, there is a huge install base. No denying that. How many of those people bought the Wii and stuck with Wii Sports? How many of those Wiis are resigned to sit idle and only be turned on when there's a get together? Personal antidotes need not be brought up, while YOU may play your Wii daily, that doesn't account for the majority. Just as I haven't played my Wii in MONTHS, that doesn't mean EVERYONE is in the same situation.

ME, as a CORE gamer, REGARDLESS of what third party publishers put out, find it very difficult to go to the Wii for my gaming needs. This is ME talking. Games like the Conduit, Muramasa, Monster Hunter Tri, they all may get stellar reviews, and hell, they're probably AWESOME games, but does that make me want to out and buy them? No. It's not Nintendo's fault that the 3rd parties have abandoned them, not one bit. It is, however, their fault for catering to the casual market and marketing directly to them. They wanted grandmas, soccer moms, preteens, to play their devices. That brought them great numbers in console sales. But grandmas and soccer moms don't buy games, at least not games that are more than simple party games. What core gamers that exist with Wiis generally buy the Nintendo franchises because that's what we're accustomed too. The 3rd parties didn't fail. They just marketed to the casual just as Nintendo did. The hardcore games just don't appeal to either side.

It also brings me to my biggest gripe about the Wii. Nintendo has failed in bringing forth a sucessful next gen franchise. 360 has Gears of War, Mass Effect, Crackdown, etc. PS3 has Uncharted, Motorstorm, LittleBigPlanet, etc. What has the Wii brought to the table, Wii Music, Sports, etc? We're still playing Mario, Zelda, Metroid... no complaints about those, but I'm still waiting for something new that's not the aforementioned franchises.

Mahr3138d ago

"Games like the Conduit... they all may get stellar reviews"

I assure you, games like The Conduit do not get stellar reviews.

Cueil3138d ago

Nintendo has to approve all this... so it's there fault for not controlling the garbage

ReBurn3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I pretty much only buy Nintendo-developed games for my Wii. I think their product is superior to pretty much anything else on the platform. I play New Super Mario Bros so much that you wouldn't believe it.

I think that Nintendo has learned to let go of the conventional idea of games and go on imagination, and that's something that practically every other developer struggles with. Games, for the most part, have become a formula for making money. You hold a controller a certain way, you use familiar button combos, and you deliver the experience that people pretty much expect. I don't think that third parties have grasped that concept of letting creativity drive what they do.

Wait and see...developers are going to struggle with Move and Natal for the same reasons that we don't see third parties doing well on the Wii. They simply just don't know how to do it. And what's worse is that creativity can't be taught. Developers are going to have to hire a whole new type of programmer and designer if they hope to be successful.

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sajj3163138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I agree with Reggie. Not many times that I do but he makes a great point. Nintendo's job was to get the hardware out to as many homes as possible. It did that. The job of the third party is software. However, there is shared responsibility here. Nintendo has to do a better job of not approving crap to the market place. There was too much shovelware in the market that the buyer just settled on Nintendo only titles.

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