G4TV: Motion Fighter Interview

Patrick Klepek speaks with Sony Europe producer John McLaughlin during GDC 2010 to find out more about the upcoming PlayStation Move fighting game Motion Fighter.


Sony Punches Competitors 'Lights Out' with New Trademark

PSLS writes:

The PlayStation Move, which is set to launch this Fall, is going up against the likes of Microsoft's Natal motion camera for the Xbox 360 and the already majorly successful Nintendo Wii. According to this new trademark, it appears that Sony will come out swinging.

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user94220774913d ago

Looks great. Especially after seeing it in Butler's commercial:


meetajhu4913d ago

hahah Vice president of realistic movements. hahhahahahah

DERKADER4913d ago

Am I the only person who remembers how much the Wii sucked after the first week and how much of a gimmick it was. Well I'm not going to fall for it again with the Move or Natal. Because jumping around like an idiot and shaking my hand like some one who chronically masturbates get old really quick.

Christopher4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

Not a good game to showcase the potential of Move. Boxing games like this have to be gesture-based in order to impose limitations otherwise people would just do rapid hits wherever and the concept of block, dodge, and punch would be greatly skewed.

So, it's a motion game, but it's a type of motion game you could get on the Wii as well... just not in HD.

Anyway, it'll likely be a good casual game at the least, but hopefully they start putting out more info on integrating Move into third-party titles like Dead Space, Lost Planet, Prince of Persia, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

Oh, and _please_ do a Move update for Heavy Rain. I seriously hate six-axis QTEs.

@Pennywise: ***cgoodno, I disagree. These type of games with head movement and 1:1 punches where you can't just flail are the PERFECT showcase games for Moves potential. ***

They're not 1:1 punches. They're gestured-based punches that aren't thrown at the same speed as the user making the gesture. They have said this flat-out and haven't tried to make it look otherwise. It's part of what Move is capable of, but it honestly doesn't showcase something isn't already possibly on the Wii.

Also, it's not head tracking, but body tracking. It'll track moving from side to side and ducking down.

I'm glad you're happy about the technology, pennywise, but let's not kid ourselves about how some of these games are implementing only a part of the technology because doing full motion tracking at 1:1 just wouldn't make for a game that can account for all the variables or would have levels of difficulty that went from too easy to too difficult based on old school 'player reading' programming methods. Some games require defined rules and actions, this is an example of that.

@pennywise again: ***I see why you are saying the movement isn't perfect because it might be gesture based, but arms flailing wouldn't work at all. You need to have some form when you fight. ***

Not when your momentum/strength, follow through, balance/foot placement, etc. aren't being tracked in real time. With a 1lb. controller in my hand I can throw punches much faster but without any regard to any of the items I listed above. This is akin to people who play those 'find the differences in two images' games, where the person just clicks everywhere in rapid succession with their mouse to find all the differences rather than being limited to clicking a certain number of times or a similar constraint. The computer isn't going to be throwing more than one punch a second, let alone every 3 seconds. I can throw a lot of punches in a very short time and only one of them needs to register as hitting the in-game opponent so as to damage them or result in the opening of its defense for a follow-up punch.

Pennywise4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

cgoodno, I disagree. These type of games with head movement and 1:1 punches where you can't just flail are the PERFECT showcase games for Moves potential. I see why you are saying the movement isn't perfect because it might be gesture based, but arms flailing wouldn't work at all. You need to have some form when you fight.

I want to see the games you mentioned too, but this is not Wii boxing.

Kratos Spartan4913d ago

only thing to do now is wait and see

SprSynJn4913d ago

You're talking an awful lot for someone who has probably never even seen the controller except on YouTube. I don't suppose you can prove me wrong and give us some real first-hand experience on the peripheral, can you? I will retract my comment if so.

shadow27974913d ago

^What did he say that requires first-hand knowledge? I didn't know common sense required a list of references.

He's right, this is definitely not the game to show off Move with. In fact, it's probably the worst of all the games they've shown in that regard.

blackmagic4912d ago

this looks like the type of game move was made for.

vhero4912d ago

Does look a pretty cool game though..

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Sev4913d ago

Did you play it?

Also do you realize what "Alpha Stage" is? It's roughly 20-30% done and you are going to talk about lag?

The lag is barely noticeable and Dr. Richard Marks told me that the latency has been reduced recently to 1 frame.

lokiroo4204913d ago

Sev dont bother responding to the retard, just post info like that in the article or open zone.

Kratos Spartan4913d ago

check his name, and realize what zone you're in. You are better than that.

Sev4913d ago

Dammit, why am I in the open zone? Did I get banned from the gamer zone or something? Or was this an accident?

-MD-4913d ago

Well PS3 fanboys have been raving about how laggy Natal is a year out from it's release but that's ok right?

rezzah4913d ago

Yes it is murder, yes it is. =)

lol jkz

BannedForNineYears4913d ago

Honestly, I've gotta agree.
This game isn't the best representation of what Move can do.
They should be using Socom 4 as a trademark, a game that actually tracks your Move controller responsively.
Or that sword/gladiator game...

Meryl4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

lol natal has even more lag, and it's still present from the most recent video when the guy jumps, horrible lag, Natal is going to be a disappointment with 200ms+ lag
anyway like sev said this game is unfinished, and they can get any present lag reduced right down, just look at how fluid socom 4 is, I can't wait to play on both games

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el_nene_lindo4913d ago

hes butthuted thats why that the move is precise and LAGTAL 200ms

Kratos Spartan4913d ago

I've been waiting on something like this for a long time. I have a fighting background, I love to hit the bag, this would be just icing on the cake. Here's hoping they do it right. Oh and imagine if you could go online and fight, with the Eye you could see your real opponent, and it's just man to man. Maybe I'm asking too much though.

Sev4913d ago

I have to admit that would really be amazing. I would love to throw down on the PSN really. That way if someone pissed me off for talking smack, I could ACTUALLY give them a beaten.

Qui-Gon Jim4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

It looks to be gesture based rather than 1:1, which was the reason for the lag on the GDC demonstration (it has to see the full gesture and interpret it before it can start the animation). You might want to wait for the hopefully inevitable "Fight Night on Move" announcement.