Sony's PlayStation Move controller looks a little familiar…

The first image below is, of course, a picture of the Wii remote and nunchuck. Nintendo has used the image countless times as promotional material.

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Smacktard3139d ago

Sony rip off Nintendo? NEVER!

inb4 people who don't understand the difference between ripping off and being influenced by

-GametimeUK-3139d ago

Well I think the PS1 controller really influenced pretty much all controllers since the PS1 since they all opted for a similar feel...

And yeah I feel Nintendo have done the same with motion control... They have laid down a nice standard starting point for other people to build upon and make better and Sony have done just that.

Smacktard3139d ago

The only thing the PS1 controller influenced was the design for the PS2 and PS3 controllers. The N64 and the PS1 controller both have a similar aesthetic feel (they're more comfortable compared to the SNES controller). If we're getting into button layout, you could argue that the PS1 dual-analogue controller set the trend for future controllers, but this controller only came out after the N64 controller was released, with its analogue stick, an idea which Sony, once again, thieved.

-GametimeUK-3139d ago

Sorry bro but apart from using an analogue to control the actual the game the controlers were VERY different...

Nintendo focused mainly on its A+B buttons with a trigger at the back... Stupid C buttons that make no sense... The actual controler shape was AWFUL! Analogue in the middle? 3 grips?

Then Sony released dual analogue, 4 standard face buttons (snes had this I know) 4 shoulder buttons, 2 grips...

The Gamecube comes out

Dual analogue, 4 standard face buttons, 3 shoulder buttons (only one shy from the PS design), 2 grips...

Sorry but Sony has been leading the way in amazing design for years now... Sony has really influenced Nintendo a lot more than Nintendo has influenced Sony for over 10 years strong... The PS1, 2 and 3 dual shock controllers are considered the standard blueprint for all controlers of its kind (for good reason too... amazing layout)

Dannagar3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Natal is all about the software that runs it, not the camera. The camera is nothing without the software. The original PS1 controller's layout is almost identical to that of the SNES controller. Nintendo's been the real innovators.

WildArmed3139d ago

I'm still surprised people havn't got tired of the wiimote and pS Move comparisions.

We've had like 10 articles about them and never have one of them been reported Duplicate

3139d ago
Death24943139d ago

doing this and then we'll talk

young juice3139d ago

saying sonys controller is a ripoff is like saying every touch phone is a ripoff of iphone

GameOn3139d ago

That has got to be one the the oddest and most disturbing things I have heard. Ever.

Aaroncls73139d ago

Move got the moves, dudes!

It's by far better. And the Wii sucks, guys come on!

bruddahmanmatt3139d ago

Taking something popular and replicating it = FAIL. Taking something popular and improving it = WIN. When you break it all down, yes, the PS Move is an improved Wiimote. But it's a hell of an improvement with the potential to enhance a gamer's experience with some truly great titles. Someone here said it before me and I'll continue to repeat it. Demon's Souls + PS Move = full of Win.

MasFlowKiller3139d ago

but don't show them to any of the US media,
u dont want to see them choke on their own words

Christopher3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I wonder if people who keep saying this to support Natal fail to realize that Sony is one of the leading photography companies out there, which relies heavily on software capable of doing amazing things in order to make a huge group of people come out clear and free of blur as well as implementing advanced facial recognition and other features.

I love that Microsoft is attempting what it is with Natal, but to look at what Sony has done and has opted for something else is not just a sign of their game development, but their years upon years of research with their camera technologies that have lead them to combine their own technology concepts with that of the Wii.

All of this camera-based motion technology has been around the Sony house for a century now. None of it is really new, just streamlined for today's console generation. And to say it's a rip off of the Wii? It can seem that way, but when it comes down to it when you're holding a 'wand' in one hand and a subcontroller in the other, good designers will end up with very similar designs because that's what works best for the users, not because they saw what the other team was doing and just copied it.

Honestly, though, if anyone has copied off of anyone else it's been Nintendo and Microsoft off of Sony technology that Sony has poorly kept under wraps or marketed.

Edit: People have posted some really good videos below of early versions of the Sony Move being shown off in its very early years. Look at those and tell me that Sony copied the Wii in the early 2000s.

120FPS3139d ago

But but but but Sony only innovated not imitates!!!!

Dudes i admire your dedication to the Sony Brand but come on, it is a complete RIP OFF, no two ways about it

Smacktard3138d ago


N64 controller had 3 "grips" and the SNES controller also had shoulder buttons.

Also, the idea that Sony influenced Nintendo more than Nintendo influenced Sony is quite laughable.

Also also, I disagree with your statement that the PS controllers are amazing. I find them to be way too small for any type of hand other than miniature japanese hands. They're uncomfortable as hell. They're one of the reasons I haven't bought a PS3 yet, unfortunately.

ChickeyCantor3138d ago


I could swear you are one of the people who said "I dont want to wave like a retard".

dib8rman3138d ago

Your lack of continuity is amazing V_V.

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myothercar3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

ninty fans: "sony ripped off wii photos!"
fact: all ce manufacturers do these product shots

ninty fans: "sony ripped off motion controls!"
sony created 1:1 sword demos in the YEAR TWO THOUSAND

ninty fans: "sony ripped off the wii games!"
fact: sony did every motion game before wii came out

sony was ready with the games, ready with the controller, ready with the marketing. it's just that nintendo went ahead and jumped into the blue ocean while sony was still hesitant about the temperature.

sony publicly showed their working prototype of Move before Motion Plus even came out. so Move was probably created before nintendo even showed motion plus. remember, everyone complained that the wiimote wasn't 1:1, and that motion controls were nothing more than a bunch of flicks and shakes. it only makes sense, sony criticized it themselves and saw how they could improve on it using tech they already were researching before Wii was even a glint in Nintendo's eye.

does nintendo deserve credit for jumping into the blue ocean while sony was still hesitant about the temperature? yes.

does sony deserve credit for looking back at all their eyetoy research and software and at the criticisms re: accuracy/precision/depth in the original Wiimote? yes.

will nintendo fans ever see it this way though? maybe if they're mature enough.

the way i see it most wii owners who want something deeper will all be excited for Move-- if the software can be polished before launch. all this spite and fanboyism isn't going to make you a happier person, so it's time to just grow up and look at the facts and realize that nobody's copying the other blatantly, because the technology and ideas were all shared in the first place.

fantasygamer3139d ago

Great post and lol and those were some HUGE controllers ^.^ i didn't think they had been working on it since 2000 i thought it was around 2003-4 so thx for the info :)

GiantEnemyCrab3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

DreamEYE was first.. Even the EyeToy wasn't their original idea.

Notice a similarity with the name? They didn't even bother to call it something else.

Everything is an evolution of something else these days. It's no big deal, but trying to pretend Sony invented everything and isn't getting influence big time from their competitors is naive and just plain stupid.

myothercar3139d ago

it's not even that sony invented it- the point is that nintendo doesn't own the rights to casual games ;)

goodfellas273139d ago

The Dreameye was a digital camera released for the Dreamcast home video console by Sega. It was designed to be used as a webcam and a digital still camera. Now, can you show me a game that comes with it? Can the Dreameye do what the Eyetoy does? Prove please...

Christopher3139d ago

DreamEYE is hardly comparable to the EyeToy. All it did was take pictures and act as a Webcam. It was never implemented with any games and wasn't even released outside of Japan.

Let's not try and bring up technology that really isn't comparable here. Of course, I'm sure I'll see about 20 others trying to bring this up in the next week as a way to discount what Sony has done in the last century based on their photo and video technology, which was rolled over into their gaming technology research.

Oner3138d ago

I love it when certain gamers get owned by facts! Good posts, comments, links & proof ~ Kain, Myothercar, goodfellas27 & cgoodno. I have been posting/saying the same thing for YEARS yet those "certain gamers" just don't want to admit it and realize the truth.

skare133138d ago

You guys showed your proof that the eyetoy came out before the wii. I left a comment on this story (but it is on page 2)
All I said was this
I'm sure that sony was working on a remote before the PS3 (it may of not look like a wii remote at that time) But you think Nintendo starting working on their right before the wii came out. (they been working on it for a long time)
The point in the story is that sony didn't go that way, Nintendo did (now one of them is in 1st and the other is in 3rd)
So sony takes some old stuff that had and remakes a wii remote for the PS3. ( The point no mater how many pictures you show, it still looks like a wii remote)
Anther thing you are trying to say
SONY came up with motion controls 1st
1 thing (Move) is not a eyetoy,
2 go look up a powerglove

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swiftshot933139d ago

It is definitely a step ahead in term of tech, but if that tech isnt applied to games then its going to suck like the Wii.

nogolis3139d ago

I liked the controller myself. I liked what the possibilities of it are, over the wii. Playing a game with "MOVE" albeit they were mainly concepts and early proto's, it was a change of pace. And keep in mind, the reps we spoke with at Sony all said this isn't changing the fact that the DS3 is still viable and relevant. Sony made it very clear that they are never going to drop support of the DS3 in favor of... They said that "MOVE" is just another alternative to breath life into older games and usher in a new experience for players. New and old.

I agree with that. I like that mindset. I think Sony has a leg up on Nintendo for the simple fact --

1. It controls better than wiimote.
2. It's more user friendly than the wiimote.
3. It's not the standard controller for the Ps3 unlike the wiimote is for Nintendo's wii.

We have a choice with Sony... That's what we walked away with after hands on time with "MOVE". Don't like it, don't adopt it. Simple and clean.