G4TV: Mega Man 10 Review

Inti Creates' task in creating a sequel to the excellent Mega Man 9 is an unenviable one. With no way to forge into new territory due to medium constraints (you can only stretch 8-bit so far), they must instead deliver on the expectation of high-quality level design, unique robots and interesting weapons. Mega Man 10 falls short of its predecessor in a couple of those regards, but it's still a far sight better than many of the mediocre to awful sequels that have represented the franchise of the years. If you love 8-bit era Mega Man classics, Mega Man 10 definitely belongs in your collection.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3191d ago

I really wish cacom would make a new 16bit MMX game. I have MM9 but probably wont buy another MM game till the new 16 bit MMX game or a new MM legends.

Theoneneo813191d ago

hell id love a this gen Mega Man game but 10 is fun the Trophys are a B*tch to get 1 is beat the game in a Hr or less haha good luck with that, or beat a level with out getting hit.