What Makes a System Seller? -

Gamervision's Sarah LeBoeuf writes: "You may have heard that Sony's PS3-exclusive God of War III launches tomorrow. Among other things, the words "system seller" have been used to describe Kratos' final adventure, meaning that a number of gamers are expected to buy PS3 systems just so they can play this game. Whether it's this game or any other, many gamers have a breaking point when it comes to buying a new console, and often a single game will be what puts us over the edge. So what games do the trick? What single titles make us consider shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new machine to play them on?"

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eagle213143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

A game that transcends the cost of playing it (almost no cost (fairly) would keep you from playing it). A game that you will remember playing for the rest of your life. Zelda is a great example of a system selling franchise/game. There are many others. :)

Many new PS3 owners are coming in March because of nice system selling title launching tomorrow. :)