9Lives: Resonance of Fate Review

Resonance of Fate breathes new life into the stagnating JRPG genre with a unique battle system that unites real-time and turn-based combat. Visually the game might not excel and the steep learning curve may mean it's not for everyone, but the strong, strategic gameplay more than make up for these little downsides. JRPG fans who don't mind getting their hands dirty should pick this up.

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-MD-3141d ago

I really want to play this but I heard it was 120 hours long... if that's true I'm gonna have to buy this when it's cheaper.

Silentmerc3nary3141d ago

Where'd you hear that at?

Resonance of Fate is pretty cool. I played the japanese demo on the latest US OXM Demo disc, and even though I couldn't read any of it, it was really fun. Like it better than FFXIII combat.

PirateThom3141d ago

120 hours?

After ME2 and FFXIII, I'm starting to think 40 hours is the sweet spot for RPGs, I really couldn't see 120 hours being dedicated to game when I work full time and have other things to do.

-MD-3141d ago

A few people were having a discussion on another board claiming the game was 120 hours long.

Anyone know the actual length?

ps360owner093141d ago

I spent about 55 hours in tri ace's other title star ocean 4. I'm going to buy resonance of fate too but right now final fantasy 13 is demanding all of my free time.

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