1UP gives 4.5 to Pokémon Battle Revolution

Addictive videogames are like cocaine! It's the oldest gaming joke this side of "If it's 'Final' Fantasy, how come they're up to 13?" But every cliché carries a kernel of truth, and the Pokémon series really is like a drug. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are pure-grade uncut Brazilian coke peddled in America's schoolyards, turning our nation's children into glassy-eyed monster-battlers.

And spin-offs like Pokémon Battle Revolution? They're the cheap, diluted version of cocaine, the kind that some bastard has cut with flour, or Drano, or rat poison, or god knows what else. Yeah, it'll soothe your addiction-frayed nerves if you're jonesing for a Pokémon fix, but it's gonna kill you, man.

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Shadow Flare5746d ago

Are there any good games on the wii? It shouldn't be selling as well as it does. All nintendo have literally done, is grab a gamecube, give it a fancy controller, and shove out loads of minigames, crap first party gamecube ports and even worse third party games. Then make it really cheap and people are all over it...people will one day realise how shallow the wii is and how fast it will die. So little effort was put into the wii, it can barely be compared to the ps3 and 360

ChickeyCantor5746d ago (Edited 5746d ago )

All these games are created for the japs, i mean on release of the DS game suddenly every kid claimed to be sick from school so they could buy that game.

And why do you say nintendo makes mini games? from what i have seen most of them are third party, people who ride allong on the money train.
it will change though, developers will realize that mini games aint gonna cut it no more.

Btw you buy this game if you own the DS game otherwise its bit pointless.

texism5746d ago

Dude shut up. I thought your kind was dead a long time ago

leon765746d ago

ì'm tottally with you, man

PS360WII5746d ago

leon76 are you going to post anything good? I mean for anything PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP or is this account just for bad/useless posting?

MaximusPrime5746d ago

i totally agreed with shadowflare.

Even nintendo admitted that Wii hardware is the same as Gamecube.
I never personnally like Nintendo games. too cheesy, too childish.

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TriggerHappy5746d ago

Hopefully, they will have some new titles at this years E3.

leon765746d ago

new titles like this one??? thanks..

PS360WII5746d ago (Edited 5746d ago )

They gave it a low score because you basically need to be a pokemon gamer to enjoy it.
I'm sorry but if you were going to buy Pokemon Battle you are a pokemon gamer. They are rating it superficially expecting non-pokemon players to want to get this game I'm sorry but no one other than someone who owns a pokemon game will buy this one and there for if they rated it towards the people who would buy this game they would of given it a much higher score.
Is it a good game? I don't know but anyone who's play Pokemon for the DS is gonna love it.

MK_Red5746d ago

After the good and best selling Pokemon on DS, I thought this one would follow but now I see my error.

djt235746d ago

you have to have ds ver of pokemon to love it. you suppose to link up your ds to the wii and battle online that it.
in ds ver you dont have random battle but in this ver you do that why people love it.
if you read ign review they tell you about the game
it not this game is only extended the online gameplay that all
even nintendo tell you that before they release it

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