GameZone: Monster Hunter Tri Preview

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"Providing us with more than a dozen items and equipment to use, Monster Hunter Tri is set to be a fantastic title for those in need for a hack and slash title that has role-playing elements mixed in. Plus, there's an online component – which, a partner in crime would've been beneficial – that should provide the greatest enjoyment."

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Caspel3165d ago

Does anyone know when the Xbox 360 Monster Hunter is set for release? I believe this is Capcom's most important title for the Wii thus far.

Blaze9293165d ago

dunno. I think 2010 though for sure

kimvidard3165d ago

Capcom has not announced any time for the 360 version so far. I'd say next year at best because they have not been working on this version for very long.

playerone3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Are you talking about monster hunter frontier? As far as i know
monster hunter 3 is fully exclusive to wii. Frontier is a totally different game, it is a port of the mmo spin off released in japan for pc in 2007 something. If you like monster hunter get both, if frontier ever gets released outside japan that is.

HFX3165d ago

I haven't tried it yet thought, it looks pretty fun, a psp and PS3 title right?

Mahr3165d ago

"PS3 title right?"

At the moment, Tri is exclusive to the Wii.

pikemoney3165d ago

never really like monster hunter tried it on psp ..ill give this a try but seeing its getting used too , im ready

ilRadd3165d ago

Looks like it could be fun - too bad it is Wii only. GZ

evilkitten233165d ago

never really been into these kinds of games but good article♥ [@evilkitten23]

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The story is too old to be commented.