In-game action from Valve's zombie shooter

Source engine-powered zombie shooter Left 4 Dead can be seen in action in around two minutes of in-game footage that's appeared on YouTube.

It's shakycam rather that direct-feed, but it's actually not too hard to make out what's going on.

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THAMMER14123d ago .work...the pain...oh the pain.

closedxxx4123d ago

I like how someone finally made zombies capable of moving quickly.
The slow, painful suspense of a zombie trudging along at a snails pace has grown old.
This looks like some good ol' fast paced team-based fun.
Those zombies are nimble!

tony4123d ago

cool! it looks like a fast pace fps. i heard good things about this game too.

Rhezin4123d ago

dam thas dope. hope it's a long game

omansteveo4123d ago

its got 4-player co-op onlive im in

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