Wakeboarding HD Coming to PSN March 25

PS Blog:

"Hey PlayStation junkies! I'm back yet again to announce our latest and greatest title for PlayStation Network. We've been working hard on this one for a while, and everyone here is very excited to finally announce our newest action platformer, Wakeboarding HD!

Do you like fast-paced arcade games? Do you like wacky, over-the-top tricks and stunts? Do you like crazy, high-speed racing and obstacle courses? Do you like beautiful, serene, tropical settings? Do you like wreaking havoc and chaos in beautiful, serene, tropical settings? (If you answer no to all of these… what are you doing here, anyway?) If so, then Wakeboarding HD is just the game you've been waiting for."

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Blaze9293143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

So we just blatantly copying Wii games now Sony? I wouldn't be surprised if this is Move enabled or will be patched later on.



Fishy Fingers3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Your linking to a Wii jetski game? We're you thinking of the Wii Wakeboarding game on Wii Resort? Which is nothing like this really, other than the sport, Wii wakeboarding is incredibly basic, incredibly. Either way both look s***.

JasonXE3143d ago

lmao well damn. Inb4 "Playstation Sports" and "PS Sports Resort"

AridSpider3143d ago

surprised they didnt just launch this with the Move

Johnny Rotten3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

uuhh you do realize this is Tik/Creat that do games on all platforms and it's not Sony right? I'm guessing probably not.

MajestieBeast3143d ago

So Nintendo invented archery,pingpong,swordfights and wakeboarding now damn wikipedia is always wrong!

lloyd_wonder3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Did he just say, And go out of his way to prove, with a link that Sony stole "Wakeboarding" from Nintendo? Wow. I don't know what else you're implying here, but Wakeboarding's been around here and there.

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ProA0073143d ago

As always. Nintendo innovates...others follow

doG_beLIEfs3143d ago

Always many different companies innovate INCLUDING Sony, and others follow. You can innovate on an existing technology and improve it. Think of how many inventions are IMPROVED on over the years. I just do not understand why taking an idea and making it better (aside from the FACT that Sony has been working on motion technology for almost a decade) is a BAD thing.

Where would technology be without different companies making similar products that improve upon one another?

And if it were a direct copy, would Nintendo NOT sue?

So logic would tell us that it is NOT a copy, in fact, logic would tell us that the Move is a BIG step up from the Wiimote or plus.