Getting what you deserve: Ubisoft's site hacked by disgruntled gamers

Rumour is the ubisoft front page was hacked by "Skidrow", a group who are notorious for cracking PC games. The hackers left a message letting anyone who visited the site know that a crack is coming soon.

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tunaks13137d ago

DRM protection on games is stupid.
You are going to piss the people who actually buy your games...

HammockGames3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

...but their new DRM system is not the way to do it. I agree, it only pisses off the people who actually tried to support them.

I won't buy another PC game from Ubi until this goes the way of the dodo.

I'm actually rooting for the hackers on this one (not pirates - just hackers that make Ubi's life miserable), if it helps to get rid of DRM like this.

I've never pirated a game and never will. Sadly, I'll just stay away from their wares completely. I hope others do the same to help drive the message home...

beardpapa3136d ago

it's just so retarded how i can't play a game i bought unless i have an internet connection. worse yet, the saves get sent online! I was really waiting on settlers 7 but hopefully ubi will remove the drm before that comes out.

spinbot_lv13136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yes drm is stupid but hackers are not justified.hacking a website, hardware or a copyright is not a game or cool, it's a crime.

sid4gamerfreak3136d ago

The DRM implemented by Ubisoft is pissing a lot of gamers out there, including me.

Pumbli3136d ago

spinbot_lv1 - Desperate times call for desperate measures.

ProjectVulcan3136d ago

World class LOL. Wonder how the ubisoft PR department is gonna handle this one to try and save face?

Setekh3136d ago

I am against piracy, but I am REALLY against this draconian DRM that is INFESTING games these days.

spinbot_lv13136d ago

yes I know and I understand...simply don't buy their's the strongest message to send them.

Sarick3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

What's also stupid is DRM game saves.

They're protecting the game saves that you worked through from being copied or backed up. It's one thing to restrict games from being pirated but the game saves could at least be limited to user account restrictions. For all that's holy if I make a save under my username Sarick I should be allowed to transfer that save to any system that I have access to my account on.

Even better, why can I not copy my saves because some company places DRM on them. It's like telling us resale your used games asap because the saves are limited to the life of your hardware! The game might not be limited to a single machine but with the saves being locked down like this they might as well say you need to start over if you want to play on another system.

In the Ubisoft situation you have to be online to use your game. If those servers go down or are taken down your software is cut off. In all meaning your disk based software isn't owned by you it's leased and when they decide to stop supporting it you can't use it anymore.

This isn't only DRM it's planned obsolescence so that the games we own will stop working when these companies decide to discontinue support for them. I can hook up my my old NES plug in a game and it'll load up the same as it did in 1990 (unless the battery is dead!) These data disk probably won't work in 5-10 years because the company requires you to log on etc. simply to install or run the product.

Commander TK3136d ago

4 pissing off PC gamers and putting AC1 on the 360

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Handhelds_FTW3136d ago

If only we could get them to give Bobby Kotick what he deserves.

pixelsword3136d ago

he's not a gamer, just an exec over a gamer company: and that's the whole shebang of what's wrong.

villevalorox3136d ago

I say hack that hefty bank account and send all his money to no where. Just beep! gone! hahahahah he would make a video like Chris Crocker. LEAVE MY MONEY ALONE!!!! It's MONEY!!! YOU DON'T KNWO WHAT IT IS LIKE TO HAVE ALL THAT MONEY AND RIP PEOPLE OFF!!! LEAVE ME AND MY MONEY ALONE!!! *CRIES HIS EYES OUT... hhahahahah would love to see that :D

hikayu173136d ago

i think the biggest way to say F off kotick is simply just find a way for MW2 to be able to play on a private server and not their . im sure most ( if not all ) of MW2 PC players will simply leave .
hacking his bank account would be WAYYYY too much trouble . it's not an easy job . the website is much easier .

kraze073136d ago

Let this be a lesson to all the companies thinking of using this kind of DRM in the future.

kraze073136d ago

I guess the person that stealth disageed with me works at either Ubisoft or some company thinking of using this god-awful DRM or they just hate gaming period.

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