UTPS3 reviews God Of War III

UltimatePS3 on their review about the game says :

"A game that reached the summits

A flawless technical execution and immersive coupled with an excellent scenario makes us fully share the emotions of Kratos. All the ingredients for success are met in the title, after which you will not see Kratos in the same light. It's time to note a perfect score, then, that I accept fully both the proposed experiment is pleasurable from beginning to end, taking advantage of an exemplary game that propels the status of implementation of Art.

God of War III is a worthy end for a wonderful series. After a very long wait duly rewarded, we can not applaud with both hands the work of Santa Monica Studio during these three years, both the technical and artistic borders on perfection. What an immense joy for us mortals to taste this divine play which included the Pantheon of the PS3."

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