Skate 3 Screenshot Explosion

Jason Evangelho writes:

"After playing Tony Hawk Ride for roughly 5 minutes, Skate 3 looks all the more appealing. Nearing completion by EA Black Box, the third outing includes robust create-a-park modes, online teams, and some neat social gaming features. But today, it's all about a fresh batch of screenshots."

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corneliuscrust3139d ago

in this installment!!!

I loved the hell out of skate (really captured the feel of skating), but skate 2 disappointed me SO much in the way it felt and handled. A bunch of added features but lousy gameplay.

Skate 3 really looks like it will redeem the franchise for me!! Can't wait

killyourfm3139d ago

Totally agree. What others call a mod, Black Box calls a built-in feature!