God of War III hits Half a Million Pre-orders in the Americas

Brett Walton - "God of War III pre-orders hit 485,000 units this week, significantly more than recent PS3 hits like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain and Final Fantasy XIII. The biggest individual format release so far this year in the Americas was the 725,000 opening for Mass Effect 2 following a 475,000 unit final pre-order tally. As we first projected a couple of months back, God of War III looks like setting a very similar week one figure - anything from 650,000 to 750,000 is possible in the Americas next week with a good chance at being the biggest week one of the year so far. With recent reports of 225,000 retailer pre-orders in Canada alone, it looks like the initial Americas shipment could be as high as two million units."

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Braineater24483138d ago

This is the start of something big...

Torillian3138d ago

since it's the 3rd game wouldn't the correct phrase be "this is the end of something big"?

raztad3138d ago

EPIC game deserves EPIC sales.

I'm one of those 500K preorders. Tomorrow is going to be a long day at work.

WildArmed3138d ago

I should preorder it.. but i aint going to.
But i will pick it up tomorrow or Wednesday..
Wednesday is my b'day so I prefer to pick it up tomorrow.. but only time will tell.

Hey, i might even pick up Bc2.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

number is much bigger, VGbogus has no clue

Pennywise3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I am another one not pre-ordering.

Most pre-order items are issued as DLC later. Just sick of going to the store just to drop money on a game that will definitely be on the shelf when I go to buy it.

AND - I don't usually buy single player games. This game is a huge exception. I want to own this one.

HolyOrangeCows3138d ago

I didn't preorder. Most preorder perks are just stupid costumes or whatever. I'll still get it day one.

lelo2play3138d ago

"God of War III hits Half a Million Pre-orders in the Americas"

Good, it deserves it. Congrats to Santa Monica studio for another great game.

Elimin83138d ago

Getting it at Lamestop's midnight launch.

mabreu3138d ago

I don't care if its 7 hours long, I want to own it. I wish I was off work tomorrow and Wednesday.

SnuggleBandit3138d ago

bu bu bu ps3 owners don't buy games!

eagle213138d ago

God Of War III and Pokemon Soulsiver/Heartgold have amazing pre-order totals. Alan Wake is very very very (did I say very?) low considering all the hype. :)

Foliage3138d ago

No preorder for me, but I'm getting it on the first day.

pangitkqb3138d ago

Can't wait to lay some serious smack down!!

Dark Collosis3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

@ Eagle21 I am not suprised at the low preorders for alanwake considering the advertising for it atm is almost nill. Wait till it gets closer to launch.

I preordered my copy of GoW3 on wed of last week. Was thinking of being at the midnight launch, but work comes to early for me. I just finished my second playthrough of ME2. So i am good and ready to kick some gods @$$ with Kratos.. O and this is the first preorder on my PS3. Kinda excited.

@ Montre below I dont care about the 10hr length. Plus i know that how i play i will probably get atleast 12-14hours out of it, but considering how EPIC it looks and plays from all i have seen. Not buying this game is a injustice to the developers imo. Any developer that puts this much into there game deserves to reep rewards(having great sales).

Montrealien3138d ago

I love this game, the only thing that sucks is that its a sub 10hr game, but all in all, it is amazing.

sikbeta3138d ago

Chaos Will Raise Again Thanks To GOD OF WAR 3

It Only Does Vengeance
It Only Does Rage
It Only Does Epicness

Army_of_Darkness3138d ago

I can't wait to play this baby in the living room so my old folks can watch! Haha! if they were amazed how uncharted 2 and heavy rain looked, then I can't wait to see their reactions with GOW3!

lovestospoodge3138d ago

Wouldn't want their heads coming off like the gods they'll be viewing...(and worshipped at one time depending on HOW old they are...)

Army_of_Darkness3138d ago

Lol! no worries man, my folks are hardcore, they love their action, horror movies and stuff. This is just gonna entertain them a little.

kwicksandz3138d ago

lets hope we dont have another killzone 2 situation where the game got more pre orders than it did sales

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Tony-A3138d ago

Just in the Americas?

I mean, I know the franchise is biggest in the US, but wow. Not bad!

bmw693138d ago

It looks like this version will be doing much better than previous installments in Europe as well - Game has been reporting some big increases in pre-orders in the last couple of weeks as well

Foliage3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Hardly any ads for it either. You know it's a quality game when it sells this high without any ad campaign (as of yet).

Unlike 360 games that usually need hype and lies to sell and that are otherwise lacking severely in the quality department.

God of War 3 is the best game releasing this year by far, on any platform. Everyone knows it.

When Epic failed to make Gears Bigger and Badder, this is what they were trying to live up to but ultimately were incapable of coming close. GOW3 (God of War 3, the only game deserving of "GOW") is the most kickass game in history.

naznatips3138d ago

Wow, that's gonna be some massive first week sales.

senseinobaka3138d ago

Every Gamestop in my area seems to be bracing for this with HUGE midnight launches. Looks like Kratos is sony's real mascot... not Sackboy :-p

Deathmammoth3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I never pre-ordered the game either but I will be DEFINITELY picking it up sometime this week.

On another note it seems like the God of War Collection that came out for the PS3 a little while ago is really helping people get into the God of War series.

bmw693138d ago

Yeah, that was a really smart move from Sony

peeps3138d ago

it was, shame they didn't bother releasing it in EU tho! infact i believe it is coming out here eventually but after gow3. i don't wanna play it after gow3 lol i wanna play it before.