British Sales Charts 24-30 June

Kotaku reports:

"Here, Britons, your weekly dose of "oh sorry can't tell you the actual numbers" sales chart data. And man, you guys really outdid yourselves! Four movie tie-in games in the top 10! Harry Potter, Pirates 3, Fantastic 4 2 and Shrek 3. Well done. Come on inside for back-slapping, pip-pipping and the full charts.

1) Harry Potter whatever they're up to now
2) The Darkness
3) Shrek 3
4) Resident Evil 4 (Wii)
5) Brain Training
6) Forza 2
7) Rainbow Six Vegas (PS3)
8) Pirates 3
9) Fantastic 4 2
10) Wii Play "

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masterg4126d ago

Is this total sales. Meaning is The Darkness at number 2 both PS3 and 360 sales total?

TyrionEagle4126d ago

The Darkness is no2 only on XBox 360 since it's not released on PS3 in the UK yet.

MaximusPrime4126d ago

Rainbow Six is number 7. This is interesting. Obviously it shows that a lot of people own PS3 in UK and interested in a year old game.

I wouldnt mind getting one myself.

MK_Red4126d ago

Wow, The Darkness had a rather good start, coming second after Harry Potter.

Edwin19894126d ago

I hate Harry Potter XD

@ #1, I also think they mean both consoles together, because they mention PS3 and Wii at number 4 and 7

PS360WII4126d ago

Geez. Movie tie in's. Interesting to see RE4 on the 4th spot... coincidence? I think not.

This list shows that it's pretty even with install base and buyers.

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